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Sex Education

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. I never liked Ola from the start so eh bye.
  2. Managed to resist an all-out binge and stuck to a 1-a-day. It's possibly the best thing on TV at the moment and I'm gutted we have to wait a year now. Every character is so nicely rounded off, each set carefully thought out, and the dialogue is never wasted.

    I still don't see Otis and Maeve as a thing and the partner-hopping could reach Glee levels of dumb if they're not careful. Jackson and Viv were my favourites this season.
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  3. It was like something from the GAY thread and it was an accurate depiction.
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  4. Really loved both seasons. The second was slightly ruined for me by all the spoilers around. Basically if you don’t watch a series on the first day it appears now, you’re screwed. Be interesting to see what happens in season 3, though realistically it can’t carry on much longer as even now it’s hard the believe the cast are meant to be 16 when a few of them are thundering towards their thirties.
  5. I have to say it never crossed my mind that there wouldn’t be a season three!

    Nice to see it confirmed, though.
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  6. Three seasons might be the perfect run, as was noted, some of the actors are looking more like teachers than students now.
  7. (I don't care about the actors looking old, I grew up with Beverly Hills 90210 and also know it's a TV series).
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  8. It's a TV show set in the 80s but also in 2019, in the UK but it's also America. The kids looking old isn't that difficult to look past considering.
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  9. Most of them don't even look that old. It's just more that they look like they're at college rather than high school.
  10. The “teens” in Grease are the ones to beat.
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  11. I survived True Blood with "immortal" Bill aging about 50 years in the span of 3 seasons, I can manage.
  12. This show is so great. Gillian Anderson is a revelation.
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  13. A revelation? Where have you been the last 30 years?
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  14. I mean, obviously I knew of/liked her and thought she was great in The X-Files etc. but something about her in this show takes it to another level for me.
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  15. dddd can I now say Gillian Anderson is the weakest link for me... that accent.
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  16. Queried the rare surname of one of the actors with my dad last night and turns out they're a distant relative of ours.

    Absolutely not.
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  17. but 'Owwwttishhh!!!!'
  18. You are a fucking disgrace on here today Sasilios
  19. Everyone sounds like that on a Nielson holiday.
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