Sex Education

I have no clue, and I hate accent snobbism or telling people how to sound / to sound where they're from or other nationalistic crap, just find the way she speaks a bit annoying. She's playing a character that's supposed to be like that so it's all good.
Perfect show. It really just hits all the right notes. The characterisation is so strong - you love, hate, sympathise with, cringe for, laugh with, laugh at them in just the right measure. I couldn’t believe how much they were able to expand on the core cast on season 2, and how successfully.

The Romeo & Juliet performance was iconic. Maeve is an icon.

I really want Eric and Adam to be happy next season.
I wanted to write a long, heartfelt post about how much I love this show, but after watching the steaming pile of crap that was the season 2 finale, I’m questioning whether I even want a season 3.

Excuse me I need to mourn.

Ok I’ve gotten over the disappointment over the final episode and I’m ready to spill my feelings.
This show is incredible and possibly the best thing I’ve watched on Netflix. On the surface it appears to be just a show about teenagers having sex, but it’s so much greater than the sum of its parts.

There is a big dose of surrealism thrown in here, with the uncertain setting of time and place. Not everything in this show is believable and it doesn’t need to be. Where it’s firmly rooted into reality is its exploration of human emotion and relationships.

The show is carried by Eric’s effervescence, but the entire cast do a stellar job. The characterisation is second to none, each person with a fully developed likeable personality (Ola excluded ddd).

While you have to admire the dedication of exploring the whole spectrum of sexuality, it did at times feel like a box-ticking exercise (when it came to pan and asexuality). However, the rest of its subject matter is approached much less hamfistedly. From the remarkable poignancy of Maeve’s abortion to the resonating power of the ‘It’s my vagina!’ scene, you realise that the writing here is a calibre above any usual teen show. The pinnacle is the sexual assault storyline which is handled with restraint, yet gives the females of the show a chance to express their collective anger at what they have experienced. The final scene of episode 7 when they’re waiting to board the bus with Aimee brought a tear to my eye (okay... I was bawling).

This show explores the fragility and tenderness of human relationships in a way I’ve never seen before. Bring on season 3!
I finished watching season two earlier and have to echo what everyone else has said (hence me suddenly liking posts from January and February!)

I loved the complexity of each of the characters and how each episode had so much emotional punch.

It looked amazing, the soundtrack was ace and there was the perfect balance of emotion.

Adam and Eric's storyline really moved me, especially in the final episode of season two when Adam told Eric he knew he had hurt him. The climax felt a little cheesy, but overall I thought it was well done and I'm keen to see how things develop between them.

Can't (but will have to) wait for season three!
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I went into this expecting it to be really trashy and came out surprised by how sweet the most emotional moments are. The ending to episode 7 soundtracked by Sharon Van Etten's Seventeen was a really special moment as already mentioned.
I burned through both seasons real quick and can only cosign on the praise - it's in a league of its own in how it flawlessly straddles so many ideas and features so many experiences whilst still maintaining a separate 'world'.

My one issue is that Otis is a lecherous, obnoxious little bastard and the worst character on the show.
She's American born raised in the UK, and has lived here for 10+ years I think. I went the other way, it does weird things to some of your pronunciations. I still sometimes say route as 'rowt'. Curiously, most people think I'm Australian.

I think she does the British accent around British people and American accent around Americans - though, I think it's mostly based on the audience as she puts the American accent on in front of someone like James Corden. I actually think her British accent sounds more natural than the American.
Gillian Anderson dancing to Freed From Desire is giving me life.

This show is so special. I'd even go as far as saying it's ... pretty much perfect? Netflix should be proud.

And good God, I wish I'd had a TV show like this when I was a teenager, but well, "back in the day" we had ...

Y'all have made all the key points, but I've binge watched this over the past three days and phew...we stan quality programming. Aimme, Viv and Maeve are my faves. I find Otis SO unlikeable. I don't know why. Eric and his outfits are iconic. The finale made me uncomfortable but the R&J stage show...I screamed.
Maeve is maybe my favorite character on TV right now, the maturity it took to call social services...and Adam is an absolute twat. If that situation happened with me and then I introduced him to my Mom she would have gone after him with a big stick. Eric and Remi obviously aren't meant to be but I didn't think they wrote Remi a fair storyline so I hope they give him something good next season. Aimee's PTSD from her sexual assault storyline probably affected me the most. The way it builds up over the course of a couple of episodes, then it explodes, and she has to rebuild the trust with Steve. It's so realistic. I feel like a lot of shows that do that storyline forget that it happened after about two episodes. I wonder if S3 will cover Jean's pregnancy or if we'll pick up with the baby in the house. The show plays so much with time that it wouldn't surprise me at all.
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I can’t believe it took me so long to watch this show. I have two episodes left and I don’t want to watch them cause I don’t want it to end ddd
One of the best shows I’ve seen in recent years. Phenomenal writing and an insanely talented, diverse cast. Other shows should take note. It almost feels like a lighter, brighter Skins? I love it so so much.
I have no clue, and I hate accent snobbism or telling people how to sound / to sound where they're from or other nationalistic crap, just find the way she speaks a bit annoying. She's playing a character that's supposed to be like that so it's all good.

Not me chiming in after 10months BUT I had to do a Gillian Anderson bio when she was a guest on Top Gear and she basically chats the accent that she's surrounded by at the time. That's why on US talk shows she seems American and on UK things she seems English. She's from Michigan but went between the two and I guess she's been UK way a long time now. Though now her and Peter Morgan broke up....