Sex Education

Is there any chat on when this is going to come back? Because I could really do with binging on something like this while we're still stuck indoors.
Less Otis, more Ruby

So, I finally started watching this. Season 2 was GREAT.

Episode 6 was my favorite.

I adored Rahim in the beginning. So cocky but endearing. I'm still rooting for those two because like Rahim said, Adam can hold Eric's hand but can he catch him?

Gillian is brilliant in this and I love her hair. Also pleased Jean's pregnant. She needs to open up her heart again, what Jakob meant by intimacy.

On a superficial note; Steve is a proper hunk. Don't let this one go, Aimee.

I HATE Isaac. If only Otis didn't tell him that Maeve should check her messages. Argh.

Can't wait for season 3. And Jemima Kirke being added to the cast. Sign me up!