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Sex Education

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Right before my birthday and vacation. Can't wait to binge it all.

    I know it's called Sex Education but I'm surprised about all the sex in the trailer.
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  2. rdp


    Is Rahim not on this season at all or did I just miss him in the trailer
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  3. I am READY. I was very sceptical when I first heard about the premise of the show. But I binged the two seasons back to back in July and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Don't understand why I slept on this. It's so enjoyable.
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  4. These subsequent trailers have been so much better than the first teaser trailer!
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  5. I'm so ready to binge watch this at the weekend. I've missed this show so much!
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  6. It’s out! Amazing
  7. K94


    do I go out tonight or watch this all in one go
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  8. Just pressed play, and yep, that opening,

  9. Decided to start binging this instead of working, I’m absolutely loving Ruby this season.
  10. rdp


    Not a Stripped era reference right in the first episode. I win!
  11. The first episode was great!
  12. Fuck The Pain Away!
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  13. Ok I am

    loving Otis and Ruby ddd
  14. I’m on episode 4 now and I am so happy that this show exists. It’s so good! I think I already prefer this season to season two… I mean the opening scene alone!!!
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  15. Just binged the whole season.

    For me, the first half is definitely a lot stronger and stands on a par with seasons 1 and 2. The last few episodes just didn’t feel as strong and there were too many cliff hangers. There also wasn’t enough Ruby in the 2nd half- and even as a huge Ruby fan, I can’t get my head around why she decided to go after Hope and stop her from pulling the plug on the presentation. I was also rooting for Adam and Eric, though I understand Eric feeling himself and wanting to explore who he was more. Just maybe acknowledge Adam a little bit more after he put himself out there in front of the school and continued to push himself by going on a double date, tried to write poetry for him, told him he loved him etc.
    Ruby stole the season again for me. Still a fantastic show and I’ll need to rewatch.
  16. Maeve’s new hair is giving me early Lily Allen. Queen.
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  17. Am I alone in thinking Eric was a bit of an asshole to Adam? Don't drag me please!
  18. I also think Eric was kind of an asshole to Adam.
    I think his reason for breaking up with Adam was fair, but he knew Adam wasn’t yet completely fine with his sexuality when he started dating him and he definitely didn’t need to cheat on him.
    Didn’t he also cheat on Rahim? I can’t quite remember, but either way I wish he had displayed a bit more guilt, although I do think he made the right decision, and he is only a kid.
  19. I agree with you and there’s a lot of others on social media who do.
    I love how Eric is feeling himself but he also needs to be more sympathetic to Adam. The guy literally laid himself out for Eric in front of the school which is a massive deal for him. He then continued to do things to appease Eric, eg the double date, but it just felt like Eric was trying to change him. Plus he kissed someone else- imagine the dramatics if Adam had done that to him…
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  20. I just think Ncuti Gatwa is so excellent. Never misses a beat.
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