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Sex Education

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Binged. I actually thought the season started off a bit wobbly (it always irks me when they go full preachy progressive, it's so crude) but by episode 4 all was back on course and doing what the show does best, which is portray the kind of warm relationships between characters that make you feel gooey inside.

    Ncuti Gatwa's star quality literally pours out of him, I don't know how he hasn't won all the Emmy's yet, but am liking Eric less and less as a character. His treatment of Adam throughout this entire season was abysmal. Realistic, since we are talking about self-obsessed teenagers, but really painful to watch.

    The non-binary character is awesome too. They are hot!!!
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  2. I just finished episode 4 but don’t wanna finish this because watching it makes me so happy!

    so far, fucking fantastic!
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  3. I loved the latest season. I really hope we get another season before this gets canned by Netflix… since they must be graduating soon?
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  4. Couldn't help but binge this season. As always, the on-screen relationships feel so genuine and relatable, the main reason why this is one of my favourite shows ever. I liked that they fleshed out more characters this season also.
    Except Rahim, who still has the personality of a stale biscuit.
    But that moment on the coach... I cackled.

    They can definitely squeeze out one more season, there were quite a few cliffhangers.
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  5. He


    Aimee is the best.

    Loved Eric’s Lagos night out.

    Alien girl is a horrible girlfriend and Ola deserves much better.

    The new school principal was a bit of a non event.

    I hope they can wrap it up in one final season.
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  6. rdp


    I finished episode 6 and yeah I kinda don't know what to make of Eric's trajectory so far... Hope the last two episodes are a positive surprise in that regard. I'm enjoying the season though. Lily and Ruby's plotlines were my favorite ones so far - so heartbreaking. Especially that closing scene in episode 4. Ufff
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  7. There was too much toilet humour this season, it felt cheap and lazy every time.

    Eric’s character development this season has been disappointing but Ncuti absolutely killed it.

    My heart may have actually broken in half for Adam and Ruby this season. Though I guess we’re heading for Rahim and Adam getting together which could potentially be cute.
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  8. Yeah did feel sorry for Adam this season. Eric was a bit of an arse at times I felt and was surprised that he felt no regret.
    Rahim just seems to lack personality and comes across as rather emotionless so unless they flesh out his character, I can't imagine him getting together with Adam would be that interesting. Rahim saying Adam's final heartfelt poem wasn't that bad was a bit mean. Was beautiful and yet heartbreaking.
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  9. I kinda stan Rahim’s aloofness I think it’s intentional but I would like to know more about his character.

    It’s been mentioned but Ruby was the absolute highlight of the season. A queen.
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  10. He


    I quite liked Eric's honesty even if it was painful, it also opens the way to explore feelings beyond norms of monogamy.

    It really seems they could not fit Rahim for this season, but with a little push I could see him and Adam having something more.
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  11. Just finished the latest season. It's amazing!

    Highlights for me this season are Aimee's and Maeve's friendship, Eric's realisation that Adam and him are just different and Ruby showing a different side of her. What happened between Cal and Jackson is also very intriguing and I'm hoping they will explore that relationship more in the next season. Lily's story broke my heart too. Ola could have been more supportive and accepting but I guess she is a teenager after all and she also had her own share of problems. It's great that it all worked out in the end anyway.

    It definitely building towards something happening between Adam and Rahim in the future but I'm not sure how I feel about that.

    Overall, the characters are more fleshed out this season and it gives them more dimension. Can't wait for the next season!
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  12. On the one hand I’m so happy I’ve seen it all and know how it goes, loved it…
    And on the other I hate myself that I rushed it in half a week and gotta wait so long for the final season (I hope).

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  13. Really disappointed with what they’ve done to Eric. Apart from that, a beautiful season.
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  14. Was I the only one who was completely traumatised by

    the opening scene with the cat in Episode 3…
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  15. I know I was, along with some friends of mine. They could have skipped that second shot of the situation...
  16. This season has also reaffirmed Aimee as my favourite character, with Lily a very close second. Having said that, there isn’t really a character that I dislike, let’s not talk about Eric yet.
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  17. After not really being invested in his character in the first 2 seasons, Adam really carried the show for me this season. I think he’s the only one who had any real character development from the main cast.
  18. Episode 5 with the ‘shit sock’’ was dreadful. Like some outtake from a Carry On film.

    And I think the Carry On team would have made it funnier!

    A lot of the humour in SE this time is very forced and poorly done. I’ll be in the minority here, but I don’t think the show needs a 4th season…
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  19. Not to be hyperbolic but episode 5 was one of the worst things I've ever seen.
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  20. It’s been more tiresome and ‘Benny Hill’ this season. I’m about to start episode 7 and I’m getting sick of them all now! Too many characters. Really weak attempts at humour. I hate that fucking bellend music teacher who’s seems to have a lot more screen time this season too!
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