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Sex Education

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Has any other show nosedived as quickly as this does from Episode 5 onwards? The last 4 episodes are a disgrace. I can’t believe it’s the same programme.
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  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was thinking it had jumped the shark a bit. I still love most of the characters, but it’s like most of them had just become so much more one-dimensional. Eric in particular was a victim of this - I used to love him but the character was constantly dialled up to 10 and he was honestly just irritating for the most part.
  3. The actors are all decent. It’s just the scripts and situations that are bad. The show was always a bit left of centre, but now it’s just stupid.
    I say this, but I’m so sick of Gillian Anderson’s fake Margaret Thatcher accent. She’s probably the most annoying character in the show. After that idiot teacher I mentioned previously of course.
  4. I’ve just done ep 2, and couldn’t bear to watch another one back to back. Really not enjoying it which is so weird as I loved the first two seasons!
  5. She’s been doing the whisper since The Fall though.
  6. Loving season 4. I've got one episode to go and I don't want it to end.
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  7. Yeah that's just it. It feels like all of the quirks have been turned up to 11 and now it's all just turned into a shitty St Trinians film. Also, practically all of the plot points are still at exactly the same place they were at the end of the previous series.
  8. The drop off in quality this season was unreal. They made Otis so unlikeable too.
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  9. I thought Otis was unbearable for most of Season 2. The way he treated Ola was awful.
  10. What are you heathens talking about? This season was such a welcome increase in quality, especially episodes 3-5. The show has never been this wholesome, the balance between comedy and quirkiness and genuinely heartfelt moments is top notch. The characters are so beautifully human and flawed and fleshed out and more likeable than ever. Maeve and Isaac exploring physical intimacy with each other tore my poor little heart into pieces. Eric realizing he wants something that his boyfriend is not yet ready for was unbelievably real and opens an important topic for queer relationships and discrepancies that stem out of different levels of pride one takes in their sexual and gender identity. Cal and Jackson and their whole story also had a beautifully layered development. Have we been watching the same season? Cause I feel there's so much disappointment in this thread, and I'm over here stupefied, not having expected to be crying to fucking Sex Education of all things.
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  11. rdp


    I still have one episode to go (been avoiding it since I don't want it end), but yeah I don't see some of the huge problems others do either. Adam and Rahim having some sort of a link between eachother was nice so I didn't mind how we actually got to that point in episode 5 that much. Otis has always been a mess and I thought him failing to commit to a relationship with Ruby because he wasn't in the same wavelenght as her was very realistic.
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  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm only on episode 3 but it seems they're already redeeming Isaac 'because he confessed' and I somehow find Eric less likeable than Adam this season? Mess.
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  13. I loved Season 3, it's much better than S2. I haven't liked Otis for a while now, but the way he treated Adam was so awful. The Adam x Rahim ship has sailed girls, get on board xoxo
  14. I was also surprised to come in and see the bad comments. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's still no.2 in Netflix so seems to be a big success.
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    Well, I finished it and I think this season is on par with season 2 in terms of quality. Lots of heart wrenching moments in that last episode... I honestly thought the Adam/Eric plotline was handled well and with care - they've always been very different people, so it made sense to me that they wanted different things out of a relationship too. It's actually impressive to me how well the writing team delivers such consistent quality and well rounded characterization. Hope they get another season to finish things up.
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  16. I just want to know who in the writers room thought we gave a shit about Lily and Ola.
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  17. Ah, I don't think I care about these kids anymore... most of the relationships turned to complete mush in this season. Any tension was resolved in the span of two episodes max, everything felt so easily written off (Jakob is a jerk? Here's a one minute explanation why!), Hope was basically a cartoon villain... If it weren't for My Other Mother, Gillian, I probably wouldn't keep watching.
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  18. Agree with most of this, but every time Gillian Anderson said ‘Yakob’ I wanted to punch her in the face. I know that was his name and it’s how it’s pronounced, but it’s just her.

    There was a moment of horror in the final episode when the over-acting bellend music teacher was eyeing up the headmaster job. Then I realised it didn’t matter as there’s no way I’m watching season 4 anyway. Should there be one!
  19. I still don't understand the tone of this thread. The season was fantastic.
  20. Honestly…I think the criticism is a but much. I still really enjoyed this season. I think season 2 was slightly better in terms of humour but this season still tackled issues really well and I still think the show is important to have. It was also great to see non binary representation in the cast. The show is still important to have around and I actually learn a lot from it. I think there should be one more season to tie up some loose ends.
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