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SG Lewis - AudioLust & HigherLove (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eddy2375, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. I was trying to figure out what the bridge reminded me of (outside of the other companions) and it wasn't clicking the moment even though I knew it was Daft Punk nn
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  2. Perfection. This album will have Call On Me with Tove, already a 10/10 record.
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  3. Missing You


    Something About Your Love

  4. Well, I pressed play on Something About Your Love and had the most intense Molly flashback of my entire life. A hit!
  5. Parts of Something About Your Love remind me of In Your Eyes by Kylie. Both songs slap.
  6. Both are great but I'm particularly obsessed with Something About Your Love, such a summery banger.
  7. I love both of these tracks, a serve.
  8. Both tracks are excellent but Missing You is a TEN. Such a banger.
  9. Sam


    Something About Your Love transporting me straight back to being 7 years old and listening to Fever for the first time

    These are both huge
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  10. Accurate comparisons to Stardust, not everyone has that….
  11. Him tagging the sisters HAIM in his stories… need my moms and my dad to collaborate.
  12. My favourite twink has done it again.

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  13. Wakening up and blasting Something About Your Love. This is going to be the soundtrack of my summer.
  14. I've recently researched more into the history of french house and gotten into a bunch of new DJs. A delight to hear a modern take of it on Something About Your Love. Can't wait for the album!
  15. The instrumental in Something About Your Love is delicious but me thinks I prefer Missing You by a little bit.
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  16. It's giving me
    and I'm bopping!
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  17. Something about Your Love reminds me a lot of Florrie's I Took A Little Something.

    Obviously, we can't do nothing else but to stan.
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  18. His interview with Notion is a great read.
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  19. Having been a Times-superstan 'Missing You' was not grabbing me, but then 'Something About Your Love' came on and it's been on loop for the past hour.
  20. Missing You is song of the summer.
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