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SG Lewis - "Missing You" / "Something About Your Love"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eddy2375, Nov 29, 2017.

  2. He's so freaking adorable.
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  3. The two tracks are up for preview on his Instagram stories. Sound fire as usual.

    Update: they’ve also been posted on his feed. Missing You and Something About Your Love coming on Thursday.

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  4. Yas zad. Coming to soundtrack our summer. So excited for this record.

    Here’s the cover.

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  5. If that is the album cover, wowza - very beautiful.
  6. The art direction!

  7. Neither clip sounds super interesting yet, but they're short so I'll hold out hope. Cover is a serve!
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  9. The TikTok clip gives a better indication for Missing You.
  10. Second clip sounds right up my alley bring me it now.
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  11. What kind of 2002 Alcazar intros.
  12. It’s the 7th… I’m not seeing them anywhere
  13. He said "tomorrow" on his twitter today, meaning they are likely released sometime during the 7th in the UK. Probably following a radio premiere.
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  14. Thanks! I wish we could outlaw radio premieres in 2022… (esp as someone in Aus)
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  15. Both songs drop after the premiere.
  16. I love the Miami 7 rebranding.
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  17. Two songs over 3:30, with one over 5:00???? We’re eating girls.

  18. Missing You is somehow giving me shades of Blue Monday and it's wonderful.
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