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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tommie, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

  2. I find it so funny that Siobhan changed the cover art and deleted all evidence of the original after everyone on her Facebook page went on a crazy rampage at how ugly it was.
  3. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I'm tempted to move this to the 'Old pop' forum to be honest.
  4. I was very ambivalent about it, but having listened to the preview it actually sounds great. Will be buying.
  5. I'll be getting this for the CD quality masters but if you were a member of the old site a few years back, most of the tracks are nothing new.

    Still good stuff though.
  6. She's released about 14 'new' CDs/EPs/downloads in 12 months, all of which I've already got, pretty much. She's wore me down to the ground - I've no interest/respect for her anymore. She's overpricing already released music with these £10-£20+ releases. There's no value for money. Some of the stuff is just DIY/homemade/college art project quality, packaging-wise, and it's just not good enough for me. The DVD with the paper cover and low budget videos was the worst thing I've ever paid £20 for.

    I understand she's got no major label backing but she's also very probably breaking the law with some of this stuff... that BBC radio recording 'bootleg' of the live gig she's selling is not licensed from the BBC. The songwriters of these covers she's flogging are not getting paid. I just wish she's put more energies into releasing a new single/EP/album of brand new songs, which may be the longer term plan and all this tatt flogging might be a way of raising funds, but it's not selling massively as people are feeling ripped off. That's why the live CD+DVD in a box with a £60 price tag was cancelled.
  7. I generally agree with this view. I haven't been buying the downloads, DVD's etc. but I thought a CD album would be a worthy purchase. The box set price tag was a bit of a joke though.

    She did kind of 'bottle it' by branding everything as Shakespear's Sister as all of this stuff was previously under her own name.

    She should take a leaf out of Billie Ray Martin's book in the way to run things really.
  8. She did a fantastic string of gigs last year but I was expecting much more. A new album would have been nice. Like anfunny I am starting to give up on her. Pete Burns is another one who I have finally lost patience with too. To much talk and no action.
  9. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Half of this 'album' is the Songs From The Red Room bonus disc and bsides. I wonder when there'll actually be something that is genuinely 'new'?
  10. This!

    I want something new and fresh, not random bits of old material cobbled together.
  11. moorje

    moorje Guest

    My copy finally arrived together. Whilst it is another compilation disguised as an album it is good to have more of these songs collected together on a CD (even though half of this album is the bonus disc of Songs From The Red Room and the It's A Trip bsides). It seems odd that the acoustic version of It's A Trip or the rerecorded version of Really Saying Something weren't included either seeing as this is a bit of a trimmings fest. Maybe there'll be another 'album' next year with more previously released downloads put together on a CD? After all, this project was originally supposed to be entirely rerecorded songs.
    However, the songs on here actually work really well together. They're mostly acoustic covers or low-fi ballads. The new version of My World Is Empty Without You is a big improvement on the original, sounding very like Massive Attack. And A Lonely Heart (Is A Lonely Gun) sounds like it's been given a Goldfrapp makeover. It's gorgeous.
    I think it's quite commendable how Siobhan has taken complete charge of her releases and does them on a print on demand basis. At least she can cut out the corporate nonsense. It's just a shame it takes several months to actually get the CD after you've paid for it. You can get downloads from the site but not from iTunes. Not sure what the story is behind that.
  12. I have to agree, I am very much over it all as well. As someone who was an avid fan and collector and pretty much bought every release from Break My Heart onwards, I have truly quit it. Everything released from Red Room and onwards are all recycling's of earlier recordings. I think the worst of it started when Red Room was re-released with a bonus disc so soon after it's initial release. Considering the cost of these cd's I think it was a bit of a slap in the face to her few loyal fans - when clearly a bonus disc would've been a nice way of rewarding her fans patience and loyalty.

    And on it goes from there. All the fans who payed an exorbitant price for all those years to be a fan club member to get alot of the demo's and acoustic versions and covers should feel very annoyed about how they've all be recycled and re-released.

    I didn't bother with any of the dvds or that whole live cd debacle - who wants to pay so much for such cheap videos or a live dvd/cd that you couldn't even get 100 orders for?
  13. moorje

    moorje Guest

    The funny thing is on her forum her fans seem to not be bothered. I expressed my uncertainty about the constant rereleases and got completely shot down. They were even close to rereleasing Songs From The Red Room AGAIN this year as an 'Ultimate' edition. Talk about milking something dry.
  14. pdf


    Except Siobhan has 0.01% of Billie's creativity, talent and output.
  15. I don't bother with her forum anymore, or Bananarama's either. ANY criticism and they burn you. Which is weird because I think both forums are down to about 15 actual contributing members each (last time I looked) so they should be grateful of anyone coming on and saying anything other than "EVERYTHING EVER RELEASED IS 10/10", but I guess actual fan forums will always be like that.

    The problem with these endless re-releases and re-issues, and also this stupid I-Tunes Album Only Bonus Track business, is that anyone who isn't a hardcore Stan with a huge disposable income inevitable feels cheated when you buy a cd in the first week and then it gets re-released (unless said re-release is jam packed with newly recorded stuff and gems). This kind of "give me another 20 pounds for 5 demo's" mentality just drives people to illegally download.

    Back on topic though - and the snippets from her facebook page don't exactly excite me.

    And I'm still smarting about the again - rediculously priced - Best Of, didn't include the single versions of Run Silent and Dirty Mind.
  16. moorje

    moorje Guest

    The deluxe edition of Sacred Heart looks likely to be released in May through SF records (and not through Warner/Cherry Pop as originally thought).

    The tracklisting is confirmed as:

    01 Heroine
    02 Run Silent, Run Deep (Single Mix)
    03 Dirty Mind
    04 Sacred Heart
    05 Heaven Is In Your Arms
    06 Twist The Knife
    07 You’re History
    08 Break My Heart (You Really)
    09 Red Rocket
    10 Electric Moon
    11 Primitive Love
    12 Could You Be Loved

    13 You Made Me Come To This
    14 Pretty Boy
    15 Mr Wrong
    16 Heroine (Live In Leningrad)
    17 Dirty Mind (Live In Leningrad)
    18 A Piece Of Heaven (Previously Unreleased)

    01 Heroine (Extended Version)
    02 Heroine (Heavenly)
    03 Break My Heart (You Really) (Extended Version)
    04 Break My Heart (You Really) (Shep Pettibone 12” Mix)
    05 Break My Heart (You Really) (Break My Dub)
    06 Break My Heart (You Really) (Instrumental)
    07 Break My Heart (You Really) (Yesterday, Today Mix)
    08 Break My Heart (You Really) (Dub Mix)
    09 Break My Heart (You Really) (Acidic Mix)
    10 Break My Heart (You Really) (Copa Mix)
    11 You’re History (Maximised)
    12 You’re History (Voodoo Mix)
    13 You’re History (Brother’s In Rhythm Remix)

    01 Run Silent, Run Deep (Run Deep Mix)
    02 Run Silent, Run Deep (Revolution Mix By Orbit)
    03 Run Silent, Run Deep (Revolution Dub By Orbit)
    04 Dirty Mind (Extended 1990 Version)
    05 Dirty Mind (Ezee Mix)
    06 You Made Me Come To This (2013 Extended Version)

    07 Break My Heart (You Really) (7 Inch Version)
    08 Dirty Mind (1990 Version)
    09 Run Silent, Run Deep (Original Album Version)
    10 Pretty Boy (Alternate Version) (Previously Unreleased)
    11 Mr Wrong (12” Extended Version) (Previously Unreleased)
    12 Audio Commentary (From Siobhan Fahey)

    VERY thorough!
  17. Impressive
  18. Now that's a Deluxe Edition worth buying. Looking forward to this and the deluxe edition of Hormonally Yours being released. I think Sacred Heart is the best thing she done, i still really enjoy this album.
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