Shakespears Sister

This is allegedly an HD remaster. It looks awful and grainy to me for a lot of the video. Have I missed something?

None of the recent “HD remasters” are actually HD sadly. The Stay one in particular doesn’t look great. I guess they’re artificial HD rather than actual scans/upgrading from the masters
They are HD I think.

All the video clips were very grainy and don't work that great in HD as the are supposed to have a b-movie low quality look to the point in the video the actual film tape is eroded and damaged.

Dear Customer,

It has been brought to our attention that there is a printing defect on the cover of your copy of 'Hormonally Yours' 30 Year Edition CD/DVD. This was due to an error at the printers on the initial run of stock and unfortunately we have been made aware after it has shipped. We are working hard to get you a replacement sleeve as soon as possible.

We are so disappointed this has happened - a lot of love and hard work has gone into this celebration of 30 Years of Hormonally Yours.

Please accept our apologies and thank you for understanding. We shall have news soon on your replacement sleeve and when you can expect it

London Records


There is always some f*ck-up (+ delay) with new SS product, it seems.
To be fair, these are niche releases and they surely calculate how many to produce based on the number of pre-orders. If they over-estimate the demand and produce too many, that would just eat into the limited profits. So you should always snap them up when they come up for pre-order.

It would perhaps be helpful if they gave a warning to pre-order by a certain date though.
I’ve been hammering the blu-ray all afternoon. It has a correct version of Are We in Love Yet on it (hooray).

The 5.1 really opens up the mixes and I heard loads of extra details. I think that some alternate vocal tales were used? Or maybe the mixing makes some background vocals more prominent e.g Marcella’s line leading into the bridge.

I also got the single box and haven’t even begun to get my teeth into that. Hoping desperately that the rinsing of fans on these releases are financing new recording sessions!!