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Shakespears Sister

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhereIsTheFeeling, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. I like the song and the video elevates it to brilliant. The little Stay reference with eye roll is genius.

    I got such a thrill from seeing the two of them together again after all this time. Hormonally Yours was such an important album to me as a teenager and this is one reunion I think we can all agree we never thought we'd see. It's still crazy to me that I'm going to see Shakespears Sister in concert in 2019!
  2. I love that I went straight to Apple videos and it's the #1 video!
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  3. I feel for Siobhan when she mentions the Bananarama single. It probably had a less poppier sound than K&S wanted, and it shows she was hurt by it being put in the bin. When I met them at the meet & greet, she seemed very grateful about experiencing the shows and she certainly had a blast live.

    But I'm glad she's happily moved on and encouraged to make new music.
  4. Yeah, it made me sad for her. I love Keren and Sara, but I get the feeling they're only concerned with themselves and what they want.
  5. I'm not liking the song, but the video is great. The visual references to Stay (the already-famous pool table bit, but also the drag queens pulling at them like Siobhan pulling at Marcy in Stay) and Goodbye Cruel World (the stage performance) are great. Though I don't know if the whole bar thing would have made sense had I not read the interview first...
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  6. I didn't really know much about the band outside of Stay but that was a really nice interview to read.
  7. Fingers crossed radio supports the single, it has the potential to do really well.
  8. I don't think there's anything wrong with that attitude, at this stage in their careers. If they weren't that interested in new music with Siobhan that's their right and why should they fake it or doing half arses if that's the case?

    I would love to hear what song they were working on though.
  9. Radio 2 will no doubt put it on the playlist. That's as much as we can hope for, realistically.
  10. I don't mean in terms of output, because I totally agree that that's their right. I mean, looking over their history with both Jacquie and Siobhan... I don't think they're very loyal, except to each other and Ian. When I said "they're only concerned with what they want," I didn't mean in terms of sound, but in terms of goals to be shared with other people. For instance, they pull Siobhan in to do a tour and (based on Siobhan's story, which given Jacquie's experiences I'm inclined to believe in this case) start to work on new music together, then abruptly pull the plug on it with no concern for Siobhan's feelings.

    It was totally their right to not make music with her, or to pull the plug when they felt it wasn't working, but the way Siobhan phrased things, it sounds like they weren't considerate about how they did it. (It ain't what you do, etc.) As it is, I just find it sad that they reunited after George Michael's death on the basis that life was too short to harbor ill feeling... and then it ended with Siobhan clearly harboring ill feeling.

    I guess I've just always found them a little callous and deliberately ignorant to any hurt they've caused - which can also be said of Siobhan. Obvs, disclaimer that I don't know them, these are just my perceptions etc. etc.
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  11. The whole video gives me the movie 'Paris, Texas' vibes.
  12. Love the video, I did laugh when Marcella was attending to the man lying on the pool table, a la Stay.
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  13. Love the new song so much!
    Comparing this with the latest Bananarama album I can see why the reunion didn't last longer, sonically they are worlds apart.
    There's a reason Siobhan left the first time and that same reason is why the reunion was short and sweet.
    I know a lot of you like both bands but unfortunately the new Bananarama album does nothing for me, I always preferred Siobhan's more unique style.
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  14. I think it’s more disappointment than any real ill feeling.

    Agreed! I absolutely love Bananarama but “Stuff Like That” was and still is appalling. Awful awful song and the album isn’t any better. Meanwhile, this is genius! The Lord works in mysterious ways.
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  15. Personally, I'm glad Siobhan has made new music with Marcella and not as part of "the Banana thing".
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  16. There are also 'I Don't Care' (Siobhan's mock look of horror, I think just before the first chorus) and 'Hello' (the 'A woman's work is never done' plaque) video references in the 'All the Queen's Horses' video.

    And is Marcy mouthing 'fuck you' to Siobhan at 1:57?
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  17. That interview is great. Please don't drag me, but I still sense a little tension. I think the Ivors incident is still bit of a sticking point.
  18. Absolutely, but I think it's a huge ask to get over 27 years of resentment in a few weeks or months.
  19. I think a little bit of tension is an essential part of their chemistry.
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  20. The album is solid. It's one of my favourites this year so far. That said, there's no way I can hear Siobhan fitting onto these tracks. Perhaps the last two songs (Got to Get Away / On Your Own) as they have more of a classic Bananarama sound. But both ladies clearly prefer more dance/pop these days and that's fine. Siobhan seems to have a more creative and alternative styling/sound. That could have worked but I totally understand why they chose not to continue on. I actually think, based on this new song, that it was the right choice for all. Bananarama have put out a great album and had one of their best chart-placings for years. Siobhan and Marcy have released a cracking new single which is exciting fans and seems to be doing well with criticial response too. Alls well that ends well.
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