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Shakespears Sister

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhereIsTheFeeling, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. I just received my deluxe CD and signed print. What a beautifully put together package. Nice to see Tom Parker involved - the detail and quality shows.

    And Cat Worship was clearly some interlude/idea worked on during the Hornonally Yours sessions.

    Can't wait to have a listen LOUD. So happy.
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  2. So jealous!

    I have to wait because companies don’t send international orders in advanced anymore.

    I might cave and download it digitally to give them more coin (something I only ever did once because it was essentially a different product - Madonna’s COAD).
  3. I know it will plummet, but it's still nice to see it at #12 on iTunes.
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  4. Just a quick question, is the version of Run Silent the single or album mix?
  5. Single
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  6. I just got mine. I agree it is beautifully done and put together and I too am so glad they got Tom Parker involved.
    That man's attention to detail and presentation is outstanding and this release is up there with the Bananarama Edsel releases.

    I really like the single art work represented for each release.

    Very pleased and will definitely be listening to this today. I already have listened to "C U Next Tuesday" which I really like, it continues the "60's vibe" of "All the Queen's horses" I think.

    Hoping for the 4 studio albums to get this treatment in the near future.
  7. Listening to some of it on Spotify... 'Pretty Boy' sounds much better, sound quality-wise, than I've heard before.
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  8. I want mine!! Not coming until tomorrow according to royal mail
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  9. If anyone wants to share pictures from the booklet I'd be grateful. Not into collecting physicals anymore but I'd love to read the liner notes! :)
  10. I think because the whole world is just next-level horrid right now and I need something to bring me some sort of joy so desperately I am over the moon at the two of them and what they are doing as people and as artists. They simply fucking rock.

    And how great are all of the B-sides to boot!

  11. So great to have this album at this time!
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  12. The leap from I Can Drive to Bitter Pill is quite jarring. It’ll be interesting to hear what people think who are new to these songs.
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  13. I agree it’s quite odd. I don’t think including the Siobhan solo singles was the right thing to do personally (though I adore Bitter Pill and Pulsatron). Maybe a couple of popular album tracks would’ve made more sense....however small thing in the grand scheme. Glad they are together and the new stuff is ultra promising.
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  14. I like "Cat worship" , it has that typically Shakespears Sister dark vibe and it is quite a treat to get some rarities from the "Hormonally yours" era as despite being the most successful album very little unreleased tracks from those sessions have surfaced.
  15. I love that the sf version of bitter pill has been included - so much better than the songs from the red room album version. And sounding awesome remastered with the rest!

    Is the HMD Pulsatron mix of You Made Me Come To This new? Or just unreleased?
  16. In the song notes it says it is a new remix done this year.

    I agree, I think the single version of "Bitter pill" is stronger and I love that the compilation has been thoroughly comprehensive in including all the singles from Siobhan's solo Shakespears Sister releases post duo.

    Singles party truly is a fantastic compilation. I do not think we could have asked for anything better from Shakespears Sister. Every era is covered and the catalogue truly is fantastic to play out in remastered sound.
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  17. It's simply fantastic! Yes, there's sonic leap from I Can Drive to Bitter Pill but lyrically it's all SS brilliance. The album's purpose is compiling the story of the band's single releases and removing stuff would be trying to rewrite history.

    My only small critic would be some of the extended versions on the second disc. I understand the reasoning behind them but I think adding some rare cuts like Prehistoric Daze, Waiting and Someone Else's Girl would have showcased more of their diversity.

    Here's the booklet. It's looking beautiful. You can really see the care and dedication that was put into it!

    Here's some info about the versions that were used on the compilation. Anywhere not noted are remasters of the original album versions.

    Run Silent is the "restructured" single version.
    Dirty Mind is the 1990 Version and remastered for the first time.
    Stay is the Radio Mix and remastered for the first time.
    I Don't Care is the 7" Remix.
    Goodbye Cruel World is the 1992 reissued single remix.
    Hello (Turn Your Radio On) is the 7" Version.
    My 16th Apology is the Edit version.
    Bitter Pill is the Radio Edit.
    Pulsatron is the Vocal Mix.
    All The Queen's Horses + C U Next Tuesday are new 2019 recordings and previously unreleased on CD.

    Cat Worship is an outtake from the 'Hormonally Yours' sessions and is previously unreleased.
    You're History (Catz 'N Dogz Remix) + You Made Me Come To This (HMD Pulsatron Mix) are new 2019 remixes and previously unreleased.
    Do I Scare You? is the full length track with a complete intro for the first time and previously unreleased.
    Singles Party is the full length track with a complete outro for the first time and previously unreleased.
    Heroine (Heavenly Mix) is the full length, unedited remix and previously unreleased on CD.
    Black Sky (The Black Dub) is the full length, unedited dub and previously unreleased on CD.
    Break My Heart (Shep Pettibone Dub) is previously unreleased on CD.
    You're History (Brothers In Rhythm Remix) is previously unreleased on CD.

    Taken from:
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  18. Something I'd never noticed before is that all of the singles mixes from the first album were not as good as the album versions, while all of the singles mixes from the second album were even better than the originals. At least in my, extremely valuable, opinion.

    The remasters sound wonderful, I really hope that we have deluxe editions coming of the first two records.
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  19. Yes, it's kind of... I'm back with Marcy now, but hey, here's some of the solo work I did in the decades we weren't speaking. They may as well have added 'I Believe' and a couple of solo Marcy tracks.
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  20. The remastering in this is excellent.
    You’re History sounds lush! I’m noticing things I had never noticed before, and I’m not sure if it’s the remastering or the version included.
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