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Shakespears Sister

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhereIsTheFeeling, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. I don't care for either 'Excuse Me John' or 'Do I Scare You'; the former, in particular. So, of course they appear on both Shakespears Sister compilations. I'm so glad that 'Excuse Me John' did not become a single in 1996/7, though I suppose there could have been some decent B-sides.
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  2. I’ve always loved Do I Scare You? in all it’s scuzzy early Garbage-esqueness. Though not sure it would have done any better than I Can Drive if it was the lead single as originally planned?
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  3. I love the #3 album overall and would've liked to have seen Go, Excuse Me John and Singles Party as singles after I Can Drive.
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  4. Whilst technically from "I can drive" to "It's a trip" is Siobhan solo, Siobhan was the one to continue Shakespears Sister in its original intention as a solo vehicle for herself to work with whomever.

    I think that is the difference as to why Siobhan's solo work is included and Marcella's is not. Shakespears Sister was Siobhan solo for many years.
    I think the confusion stems from the names in which the singles was put out, in 1996 with "I can drive" Siobhan seemed happy to continue the Shakespears Sister name and project with the intention of releasing #3 which sadly was put on hiatus of no fault of hers.

    Then when Siobhan returned in the early noughties she decided to release material under her own name which is what probably confuses most and especially newer fans. Then a few years later Siobhan reverted back to Shakespears Sister and released "Songs from the red room".
    But regardless all those singles are the same artist and the same Shakespears Sister collaborators like Gully, Clare and Wildcat and are all Shakespears Sister tracks.

    All are a part of the Shakespears Sister journey which I am pleased are included and not dismissed just because the duo version have reunited.

    I really love the different sounds of each Shakespears Sister era which are represented fully on this compilation, the 80's dark pop of " Sacred heart" and the 90's dark pop of "Hormonally yours" to the alternative more rock oriented "#3" and the noughties electro pop of "Songs from the red room" now all beautifully iced with the fantastic 60's Americana vibe of the New material.
    No one can ever accuse Shakespears Sister of being stagnant in their style, they offer so much and do it so well.
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  5. 'I Can Drive', ironically, was the best-performing lead single of a Shakespears Sister album on the UK singles chart... yet was the one that got 'them' dropped.
  6. I am well aware of the history, but the collaborators you mention above are not what the 'public' know of Shakespears Sister as being.
  7. It would have been interesting to see how the likes of "Do I scare you" and "Excuse me John" would have fared back in 96/97 as I believe they was the intended single follow ups to "I can drive".

    I always feel bad for Siobhan back then as she was clearly both creatively on form but not in the best of places personally and the record company was crazy to not release "#3" at the time with the bizarre reasons that a then 38 year old woman was "too" alternative.

    It is great to see Siobhan happy again and inspired. Depression is no joke.
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  8. Yes agree. No wonder she had baggage after her latter days of Bananarama and the way her record company treated her in 1996. So happy she has come full circle, embraced her eccentricities and is on a creative high.
  9. I am just saying where I think the confusion lays for some people.
    Yes I am aware that the public perception is Siobhan and Marcy because of their major success being when together.

    But for the long time and loyal fans we all know that Shakespears Sister has often been Siobhan and Marcy or Siobhan solo with various musical collaborators from Dave Stewart, Gully, Clare, Wildcat to musicians that have guest appeared like Billy MacKenzie, Whitey, Terry Hall etc etc.

    I imagine that the majority of the people buying are the long time fans that supported them at their height in 1992 and beyond with a dash of new fan's who are becoming acquainted with them.
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  10. Sorry to derail the thread for a minute but my copy with the signed poster appears to have gone missing. The Royal Mail tracking thingy says it was delivered at 10:14 am but I've received sweet fa despite waiting patiently all morning. Can anyone tell me what the package is like, is it just the one, would it fit through a letter box or would someone have to be in to accept it?
  11. Mine was A4 size and just popped through the signature required.
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  12. Cheers for that. I live in a tower block so the postman has probably shoved it through someone else's door by mistake. Now I've got to hope whoever got it is honest enough to redeliver. Urgh.
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  13. I hope it turns up soon
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  14. The thing is, they’ve been adopted Shakespears Sisters singles due to their inclusion on a Shakespears Sisters album so it’s right that they were included.

    Also, in reality, that’s exactly how the progression went: Pop to Pop-Rock to Alt Rock to Electrodance (with some rock and pop influences), so the “issue” (if anything) is more track order than their inclusion.

    Amen. It’s the perfect singles compilation in that it actually features every single in their single version.
    Was this not already released on the limited edition maxi for it?

    Also, I could’ve sworn there was a remix of “You Made Me Come To This” released in the past couple of years.

    Ahhh! Praying you get it ASAP.
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  15. My print is creased, utterly pathetic packaging.
  16. I wonder why Someone Else’s Girl wasn’t included?
  17. If I was you I would contact the seller and tell them the product is damaged due to poor packaging.
    If they are a decent retailer they should send you out another one.
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  18. It was only recently that I became aware that I was under the Mandela effect that the group's name had the final E.
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  19. I'm excited to hear these new remasters!

    I will chime in with a contrary opinion here, in that I actually prefer the "rock" version of "Bitter Pill" that appeared on the Red Room album. That said, I am glad the single version is on the new compilation. I'm impressed that they were consistent with using only the single mixes, even in cases where I prefer the album version (see "Dirty Mind", though that single mix is definitely a lot of fun, with that ridiculous but charming rap)
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