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Shakespears Sister

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhereIsTheFeeling, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Great news, especially for those that sat out the box set.
    I presume Sacred heart will follow.
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  2. Blue vinyl will be lovely
  3. Digipak CD bought!
  4. I love coloured vinyl but I won’t be double dipping!

    ...despite the email for 10% off I just got due to the I Can Drive single not being numbered...hmmmm.
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  5. Thankfully this means everything must be coming to streaming too, which would be welcome. When I got the box set I had to rip CDs for the first time since the Gulf War or something, which meant having to repurpose an old desktop computer and re-install iTunes. Not to mention having to borrow a DVD player...
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  6. Probably should have skipped out on the boxset since I don't collect vinyl, but I'm glad standalones are coming for those who waited!
  7. The one shining bonus is that those who got the box set get the 3rd disc while those who get these only get the first two discs.
  8. Great news! I was kind of expecting them to do both albums at once, but I guess it is good to give each album the spotlight for a while.
  9. I've got the box set, but now I'm looking at that pretty Blue vinyl, hmm.
  10. I caved. Hopelessly.
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  11. Same! The album has stood up so well. I guess it was totally unique sounding at the time so hasn’t dated
  12. It always bugged me how lores the cover art was even on CD. Is that intentional or do you think the vinyl artwork will be clearer?
  13. The Hormonally yours CD's are being dispatched for those that ordered recently.
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  14. Listening to the extra tracks for the first time and the most surprising was the Andre Brett remix of Stay, sounded like it's lifted directly from Madonna's Erotica album.
    I Don't Care really does sound so much better in its single mix form, I can't put my finger on it, it's almost like it's in a different key?
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  15. André Betts was all over Justify My Love, Erotica and Waiting during this era.

    as for I Don't Care, I enjoy all versions for different reasons but the Single Mix is almost a re-recording of the original, so your ears are not off there.
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  16. Interesting a few alternative lyrics in his Stay remix too. It’s divine.
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  17. The single version of 'I Don't Care' is not a new mix, it's a completely new recording. They literally covered their own song.

    But yes, it has a totally different vibe to the original LP version, though I like both pretty much equally. The single version sounds more like a 'hit', though - as you would expect.
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  18. The Andre Betts Mix of Stay is absolutely incredible. I've gotten so much use out of that (and Piece of Heaven) since these deluxe editions. I love the vibe of it and the lyric changes.
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  19. Taylor Swift could never...
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