Shakira - "Acróstico" + General Discussion

Bizarrap sessions are Bizarrap releases. None of them make it into the featured artists' albums.
Yes but if one breaks the tradition could be this. None of his past girlie feats were as big as Shaki, no?
All I'm saying is if one of his guests has the power to bargain an album inclusion it's Shakira.

before it was only released under Dale Play Records, and now Sony Music has been added too, indicating that it might end up on Shakira's album as well.

Vas is always right huh, laughs!
There is an official title, why have an alternative? Also this song exists because of Bizarrap. This isn’t Multiverse. It’s his song helmed by Shakira. It really is pretty ignorant to act like he’s some helping hand when he is absolutely relevant to this release, going as far as writing on it.

Shakira’s brillant recent taste and song writing qualities have been shown to us enough the past couple years. He did some things here.
What an ignorant post, trying to bring down Bizarrap, he actually produced the song you know? And helped to write it.

Once again, without Bizarrap, the song wasn't going to be this big, he is part of the success, it's not his first hit either.

It's the combination of both, Shakira says it, everybody knows it. Stop with this please when you don't know his carreer and the context.

I am grateful to Shakira for giving Bizarrap a global platform, worldwide notoriety and his newfound credibility on an international level.

And his very first meaningful US Hot 100 hit.
I appreciate that Biza pointed out how massive the song with Quevedo was last year in the Fallon interview and having that be his "look Shaki we can do this" intro. But mainly I continue to be here for Milan taking an early run at managing his mom's career and ignoring papi Piqué ñññññ
Say what you want about Shaki's popularity, I have never seen a crowd react to an artist/song like that on a Late Night show.
Tea but this wasn't the average Late Show audience, they filled it with Shakira fans.

That's because they could. When there's Mimi Webb, Rita Ora and Rina Sawayama playing kworb N/A songs there every week it's a bit harder dd.