Shakira - "Acróstico" + General Discussion

As someone who grew up unfortunately only knowing of Shakira’s English output until I learnt Spanish, the day I heard Ojos Así for the first time was an outer body experience. Considering I really liked Eyes Like Yours when I was younger, hearing the original was a revelation. Her music really comes alive in Spanish.

Superb album, it’s only continued to get better with age.
It remains her best album to date and Inevitable is her magnum opus.

I really love this woman despite the recent shenanigans and some of her inconsistent output in the 2010s.

I hope she rides this wave of goodwill and success she is having now into an album and a tour. I don’t think people are talking enough about how impressive and unprecedented it is that she is having this level of chart success in her mid-40s and almost 30 years after her breakout album.
Yes, the song is incredible. The video. The performance. The jam jar. All aces.

But I cannot tell you how much it means to see her reference She Wolf/ LOBA so affectionately. That album (particularly the title track) was fucking IT for me and so many of my posse when it came out. It still holds up, and remains one of my favorite aughts pop albums and I'd put the song in a top ten aughts singles without hesitation. It's probably a top 5 tbh.

Anyway, Pop. <3