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Shakira - "Don’t Wait Up" + New Collection of Original Audio Pieces

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Stef, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. I feel like since Spanish isn’t my first language I don’t wanna read into this too much but this does seem a bit shadey
  2. Not my first language either, but he seems kinda shady marking a big difference between artists he lets onto his albums ("not just anyone") and his features, ending with "probably won't work with Shakira again".
  3. Rene is an asshole, he has always been. His whole persona is fake and his entire empty message. Who needs him?
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  4. Am I reading this right as "we don't bother with frivolous concepts and music, we only did it for the exposure so we wouldn't do it again even though we had a great collaboration?" If google translate was accurate, what a sad space to confine themselves into.
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  5. That’s exactly what he’s saying. Paraphrasing “we’re very selecting with whom we work for our albums. We’ve worked with other people but that was for their projects, not ours. For example, Shakira. That was necessary to reach other audiences”.

    That’s not shady, that’s being a jerk
  6. Is Don't Wait Up doing something somewhere?
  7. My

    I don’t have, so no.
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  8. Don't Wait Up has now been added to R2's playlist yay.
  9. That is very shady and also reeks of having used her to get heard by new audiences. If you do not think you should work with me because your material is above me, then fucking don't reach me to reach places.
  10. [​IMG] what?
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  11. In resume, don't use her for promotion if you don't like her / her work.
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  12. That's what 90% of collaborations are. Label or management-driven arrangements designed to drive exposure or streams.
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  13. ...but home have the class to keep shut about it. Residente is definitely not a classy act for doing this.
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  14. This.

    Love how she slowly skated her way up there with her Insta stories to keep this afloat

    Don't Give Up!
    Don't give up, up, up, up, Uhh-p
    Don't be afraid if it gets late, yeah

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  15. Happy 20 years to Whenever, Wherever.
  16. And "Suerte", its twin sister, please don't forget.

  17. Lucky that my breasts are small and humble...which is difficult to get, not everybody has that.
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  18. How to forget:

  19. Vespertine and Whenever, Wherever being released on the same day... they really made me the gay I am today.
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  20. Don’t wait up is a banger!!
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