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Shakira - "Don’t Wait Up" + New Collection of Original Audio Pieces

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Stef, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. How has it been 20 years since Whenever, Wherever? What an absolute fucking tune.
  2. Rob


    Scream at her using any adjective she could think of like she'd never even heard the song.
  3. From all the amazing songs in her discography... ''Don't Wait Up''?
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  4. The audacity...
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  5. Scream I was coming here to post that. Stream Ojos Asi to cleanse your ears girl!
  6. I love her

    Keep lying to me Shak while your hips don't
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  7. I know it's not that serious, but using a question like that as an excuse to promote the most recent single instead of answering honestly feels a bit disrespectful both towards her discography/legacy and her fans.
  8. She's was looking camp right in the eye when she posted this.
  9. It’s probably just that, it’s the most recent song she’s worked on.
  10. This is so funny jjhkgsst, oh my god.
  11. Even as a little Don’t Wait Upster, the audacity of that is more than a little ridiculous.
  12. I believe her that it is a sound/style she wanted to explore though and was held back, doing the same thing again and again because it was commercially successful.
    She was probably deeply hurt that her ventures away from the "play something exotic" expectations were always less successful. Especially with Oral Fixation vol.2 and She Wolf... But then she went on to promote Give It Up To Me, so can we really blame the general public...
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  13. The disrespect to her own artistry. She truly doesn't give a shit anymore. It would be iconic if it wasn't depressing.
  14. We all know deep down "She Wolf" is her best song.
  15. I’m inclined to say legends only because that’s the kind of thing Madonna does with whatever her latest song is. Abandon all that came before, icons!
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  16. "Modern but Timeless"... not really!
    But of course she has to say that cos she's in promo mode.
  17. No lies detected, it's her best song.
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  18. Let me cleanse this page with her best album

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