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Shakira - "Don’t Wait Up" + New Collection of Original Audio Pieces

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Stef, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. It is more of an audacity to tell her what she has to say or think. Especially when it's her material.

  2. Ddd artists always have horrible taste in their own music. So yes, we do.
  3. The way the Little Mongooses keep losing

  4. I'm sick of her

  5. Time to change the thread title to "Shakira - "Don’t Wait Up" + New Collection of Original Audio Pieces"
  6. I heard the kids are doing planets, so I made one to go along with my 4 original audio pieces
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  7. An NFT? Makes sense for $hakira.
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  8. I truly can't wait for this NFT fad to expire.
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  9. Chromatica <3
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  10. The title change made me scream because I assumed it was like the 'assorted okay songs' thing but the fact that she's actually releasing a collection of original audio pieces killed me even further.
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  11. The Original Audio Pieces Chanteuse.
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  12. My original audio pieces don't lie.
  13. The concept being literally a hybrid of what Chromatica was supposed to be and Planet Her is sending me.
  14. It feels like proof that we’re in the bad timeline
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. Audio… pieces…
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  17. So, a higher power told her to get into the NFT business but not release expanded reissues of her prior albums. Ok.

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  18. It does sound like a banger though.
  19. If her future collection of Original Audio Pieces sounds more like that and less like Don't Wait Up I will be stanning.
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