Shakira - "El Jefe" + General Discussion

She looked amazing.

The interpolation of the Sahara Remix was for the real ones.

The lip sync'd vocals and blatant attempts to hide she wasn't singing live put me off, though.

Taylor's squirming... immediately no.
She has a new hit on her hands. The lyrics are clever and controversial, this is going to be the topic in the coming weeks. It's going to be huge.
It's so good to see her excited again. And successful. Her streams are extremely healthy. I am just happy that she seems to be over Black Eyed Peas and faceless bops. She seems invested and playful right now. Even Copa Vacía that may be your basic Shakira bop has this cute switch up in pacing, plus Manuel... she is serving.

Also ever song she ever made with Maluma was great. Even Clandestino. Do it again.