Shakira - "El Jefe" + General Discussion

They just gave the best popstar TV perf in a very long time and people wanna do is be petty about whose success this is ddd. Shakira is a fucking star.
To be honest I found the performance very average, Shakira has charisma for days but the set (screens) looks like it was made in paint by one of her kids and I thought the whole “look at the crowd, they’re so into it” was a cute moment but got old pretty quick and it was like 2 minutes long.

Anyway I’m happy to see Shakira (and Bizarrap) having a great time and being successful.
Okay, Shakira, I know everyone probably annoys you about this but that alleged tour, when are you gonna announce it? I'm tired of thinking about it on loop. Listen, when Session 53 came out, I was going through a breakup, I used to walk around Paris, with, on repeat, for this song. We need the tour to be announced, please, Shakira, come on, make my wish come true