Shakira - "El Jefe" + General Discussion

Biology really did put all of its energy when creating Manuel Turizo. This one's cute! It's serviceable, I'm slightly bopping. I still find it frustrating that she's Shakira - she has the name and the access to push the envelope forward regarding her sound or her approach to reggaeton. But oh well.
Reggaetón is the opposite of what I want from Shakira right now. I was hoping the success of Te Felicito and the Bizarrap song would inspire her to be at least a tiny bit more inventive with her releases, but whatever. She seems completely focused on keeping her profile up with cash-in collabs and being the most diluted version of herself ever.

Album? This account isn't the most reliable/serious from what I recall (about other stuff) so it might just be a release party for the single I guess

Edit: Yeah...

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