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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by vasilios, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Because of the Alalalong sample and the visuals in the video.
    Only that's why. Sad I know. And not enough for Shak standards.
  2. This is so bad I'm considering handing in my Shakira stan card.
  3. Don’t throw a brilliant career away, bb!
  4. Well this is going viral on TikTok. Wouldn't be surprised if it starts to rocket up charts.
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  5. Its #1 on Youtube globally with 7M dailh views right now. Its just a matter of time before other platforms catch up i think!
  6. The song kinda bops.
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  7. It's like if they made the video searching for a TikTok hit.
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  8. How exactly, what is so TikToky about it?

    Isn't it just that Shakira is picking up that 80s trend since Dua Lipa with the aerobic style?
  9. Shakira is a bit of a streaming force anyway on YouTube. She’s perfectly capable of snatching the odd global hit still
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  10. The song is a bop but Shakira’s career has been an absolute mess for a long time now.
  11. Here for this going #1 on the Hot 100.
  12. This is basic as hell but it’s better than what she was pushing around the Super Bowl, so...werk I guess?
  13. Absolute trash. Happy for her to have some success though!
    Feels like it’s her Scream And Shout... Guess her BJ is on the way.
  14. I feel that that Shakira has tried to cater the US too much to the point that her persona has flatlined a little being “that dancing Latina woman”.
  15. This...just isn’t true
  16. El Dorado was her damage control album after having catered to... The local Voice US audience only. Now she's still on a roll if you ask me.

    Glad she served us this instead of going into complete hiding!
    No one remembers the usual draught in between her eras?
  17.’s verse on this is rotted, dear lord - the lyrics on the whole are pretty lame but his part in particular just reads as creepy
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  18. El Dorado doesn’t get enough credit for transitioning her to the streaming era with huge success that her a lot of her peers just didn’t manage
  19. Though it's pretty near the bottom of my favorite Shaki albums, I've come to enjoy a chunk of El Dorado for what it is. And we did get a career high with "Trap."

    I'd like for us to get a real album from her again, but she seems content with mediocre collabs and treading water at the moment. Come back to us, Shaki!
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