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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by vasilios, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. I feel like Sale El Sol was the last time she was excited about music, everything that came afterwards has felt like such an afterthought
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  2. Success doesn't mean quality thought. It's easily one of the worst Latin albums I've ever heard.
  3. I think she’s realised she can make a lot of money for not doing much musically.
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  4. The public has shown that they're not really interested when she goes more rock, which I think is her real passion. Don't Bother was a relative flop as her reintroduction to non Latin markets and she was sent back to the studio to record Hips Don't Lie. Can't Remember To Forget You also did not do amazingly well.

    She's probably just happy putting out cute bops in between surfing lessons these days.
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  5. That's actually true, isn't it? There's been no particular reward (in English-language markets, at least) for any of her more left-field moments since Laundry Service, in some way it makes sense that she's content to not push it any longer. It's a shame though cuz we all lose.
  6. I mean, sure, I agree. But this has been true for a very long time. I think the biggest thing is she's not really inspired.

    I kind of disagree here. Sure, the English speaking GP was never interested in her going for a more rock sound, but I'd say that the Latin American GP liked that from her. I mean, considering most of the Fijación Oral Volumen 1 singles were stripped back/rock and were huge hits (all of them happening around the Hips Don't Lie era). Or how Antes de las Seis and Sale El Sol were also hits in Latin America. This idea that she's just doing these cute bops because its what the public wants... feels not right.

    Plus, it's not like she's pushing these songs to her American GP fans. So, I don't get why we are talking about her popularity with the American GP

  7. Don't worry, most people forgot this song happened.
  8. I mean, yeah, but this is honestly an outlier in her most recent stuff. Before that she hadn't released anything in English since like 2014 (unless we count A Girl Like Me which always felt more like a BEP single aimed at Latin American and Latines in the US)
  9. She's a mother of young children, has tax problems and that wild bore story and her complaining that the public just looked on backfired on her. I'm sure she has very little appetite to be out in the spotlight again.
  10. I do think she or her label noticed that she sometimes gets more recognized as a dancer than a musician, and either as strategy or complacency that's what she's relying to. Don't Wait Up, the Black Eyed Peas track and this are basically background music for choreography.
  11. Her last big English moment/campaign felt like the She Wolf era to me (but wow, what a moment...), and I don't think it saw the levels of success her/her label planned. That tacked on Lil Wayne song which still did nothing. Then the Rihanna one not doing much later either. I think she thinks why focus all my attention into English speaking markets when I can rake it in sticking to an audience that love me and don't need huge promo campaigns, budgets etc.
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  12. Are we all ignoring the super bowl? She had all the good will she could want in the US and she was pushing Me Gusta…
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  13. Yes, but as a J-Lover she was also a fool for not capitalising on releasing something. Why oh why they didn't put a duet out I'll never understand.
  14. The new song with Rauw almost went top 100 in the US, it's at #6 Bubbling Under.
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  15. And it keeps climbing despite the 3 album bombs since then. This is a hit!
  16. The Rihanna one was also extremely terrible.
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  17. *ahem*
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