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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by vasilios, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. I think you're doing entirely too much over a subpar song that quite frankly doesn't deserve all this. Stream Te Felicito on Apple Music! <3
  2. Baby I love this but it’s very [​IMG]
    When in reality Shakira was HUNGRY for it all back in the day and probably working harder than we can imagine while digging into deep emotional territory in her songwriting. Now she’s famous, rich, can still catch a hit (te felicito!) but she’s too busy fighting boars and evading taxes to…. care? I think it’s a case of realizing an artist is a person and people change
  3. Well, it's certainly 3 minutes and 17 seconds of audio

  4. Wow, that has some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard in a song. I enjoy both Don't Wait Up and Te Felicito a lot, but this is just tragic. I can totally see it smashing though ff
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  5. She was having great albums until ''Sale el Sol''. Then she was like ''do I still have something to say'' with her self-titled and then she was like ''nah''.
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  6. This song and video have taken me to dark moments of my past. It is nostalgia in its worst form.
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  7. Usually it's at least fun to watch her but even the choreo was only giving 2011 hand waving Britney. Help.
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  8. This is just a recycled I Gotta Feeling 2022, and not in a good way. I dont even know what "in a good way" would be either
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  9. Remember when Venus X was supposed to do A&R for her...the fact that I was fully expecting her to release something like Motomami 10 years ago...but instead we got...all of this.
  10. Well......she looks good at least.

  11. The melody is really nice in some places but the rest is hideous.

    Time to play She Wolf to remove the bad taste in my mouth.
  12. She really is the most severe case of had it, lost it... ever. dddd. I have to laugh because otherwise I'd cry.
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  13. There is no point in releasing that horrible song. Just wow.
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  14. Sounds like a 3-year old wrote it.
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  15. Every time I see her more recent visuals I think "what happened to her budget" but then I remember... you know... the litigation. Although her tour outfits have always looked like the dressing room's go-backs rack at Forever 21 anyway
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  16. Rob


    Screaming at how it appears they all shot the video separately... only for the end credits to show them all filming most scenes together?!
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  17. She deserves so much better than this dddd. Painful.
  18. Not all the comments on YouTube praising the song like it’s the second coming of Christ.
  19. Its the same on Twitter. Im not sure if we're all listening to the same song
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