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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by vasilios, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Shakira has rabid stans that praise anything she does.
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  2. Anyways, a moment for this bop
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  3. She has nothing left to say because she’s so divorced from reality. Between tax evasion, NFTs, wild boars and dating some high profile soccer man there’s nothing of interest for her to create art with anymore. It’s just cheap easy hits trading on past glories.

    I’ve accepted now that unless she has some mid-life crisis and her bubble of extravagant riches and comfort is burst that we’ll never get anything that rivals her earlier work.
  4. You know she truly lost it when she scrapped this bop and released We Are Worried instead.

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  5. It's so obvious they were trying to engineer an I Gotta Feeling but ended up making the royalty-free version.

    It's giving this:

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  6. 'lit like a light'

  7. She’s been on this level for a while. Girl Like Me was just as rancid and simplistic but with a regueton beat instead of EDM.

    I think she’s like Charo in a way. Both saw the US was willing to pay a fortune if she played along to their their cliché of an exotic latina woman and that overpowered her musicianship.
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  8. Hmm
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  9. Ooph that Don't You Worry video is horrid. The song feels very 'playing in the background as everyone takes their seats for the annual company conference'.
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  10. I kinda get the impression that the lyrics being ultra basic even by BEP standards is probably intentional. As other people have mentioned, this seems to be engineered to be a I Gotta Feeling-style huge international smash, and having very simple lyrics everyone can understand regardless of how little English they know is probably part of that.
  11. She also became a Mother in between those eras so it seems it did affect her artistry in a way.
  12. I guess we are just pretending El dorado wasn’t a huge artistic triumph and commercial success.
  13. It did have some gems but it's nowhere near her older albums.

    One would expect in a positive way.
  14. Maybe her breakup will lead to quality? Let’s hope so.
  15. I think she’s just busy being a mum and has realised she can make a lot of money by turning up to record easy but basic bops that will get streaming coin.
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  16. I mean...
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  17. She literally says at the 0:35 mark that music hasn't been a priority for her in a while so I'm not that surprised that most of her recent musical output sometimes feels like an afterthought.
  18. Exactly this, thank you for properly wording what I was trying to insinuate.

    Like for some women it further fuels their artistry (ex: Madonna) but for others, it just shifts their priorities and they’re both fine choices.
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  19. Te Felicito is SUCH an amazing song, so she definitely still has it in her.
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  20. The aura in her is WEIRD.
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