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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by vasilios, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. I’m now unapologetically bopping to Te Felicito. Is it a career defining smash? No. But it is a pleasing basic bop.

    Don’t You Worry on the other hand…
  2. The Felicito is better than the recent trash she's been serving us so...

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  3. 3Xs


    Te Felicito is a complete summer smash to be honest.
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  4. She's probably sick of having to do these panel shows to get some coinage.
  5. Not me hearing during this event, that a former consultant/colleague from me was working with previewing the song and all. That seemed the highlight of things to say about this song! Ha.
  6. Where is the album, Shaki?
  7. Me after Don’t Wait Up came out:
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  8. I truly hoped 'Don't Wait Up' would smash and then we would get 'Nostalgia Futura'.
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  9. Unfortunately the rest of the album didn't sound like this.
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  10. What are these takes??? Y'all.
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  11. She Wolf is full of bops.
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  12. There are only 12 tracks on the standard edition, and 3 of those are Spanish versions of other tracks so there isn't much to choose from really. She Wolf/Loba, Did It Again/Lo Hecho Está Hecho, Why Wait/Años Luz, Men In This Town and that's it.
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  13. Every song on She Wolf is varying degrees of excellence.
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  14. I hope the French fleas eat you alive for leaving Mon Amour off this list.
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  15. Oh no! Autocorrect got me again, meant to say the aura in the thread was weird. If anything was trying to point out how weirdly personal some of this got towards Shakira
  16. She Wolf is a fantastic pop record, tight and concise and full of hooks and experimentation. She did what had to be done.

    '22 Shaki literally could never.
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  17. An ARod sized mess. He has taste though!
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  18. Rob


    The way I have no idea what's happening in this clip.
  19. He's listening to a Shakira song.
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