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Shakira - "Monotonía" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by vasilios, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. ???
  2. Don’t Bother really is the one.
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  3. Gerard being photographed at a wedding with his 23 year old allegedly pregnant girlfriend… if this does not inspire some of her best songwriting, then all is lost.
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  4. Whatever the antithesis to 23 is...will break me
  5. There is also a Darell collab dropping in October apparently
  6. Release a song without a man challenge
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  8. Okay Jen Shahkira!
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  9. Her hips might not lie but those lips…
  11. Honestly the kii I’d have if she loses the tax fraud case. That’d be sure to give her material to work with for another album once she got out of jail.
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  12. She looks amazing and I can't wait for some solo songs from her. But she is absolutely delusional when it comes to her tax case. I hope the lawyers in charge of her tax case aren't also doing her divorce.
  13. Didn’t Don’t You Worry end up being a moderate radio hit?
  14. Everything about that interview screams PR setup (I mean, aren't they all) and not even for something fun like announcing her new single/album/tour whatever. Her attorney-screened responses to the convenient tax fraud questions are killing me. Like girl, just drop the album and let us live.
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  15. The Darkest Hour ft Ozuna, Nicki Nicole, Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee
  16. She's all over European tabloids after the affair, divorce thing, with her being papped out and about on her own and with her kids. So I'm guessing it's all to get ahead of that.
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  17. "I thought the album was finished. But every time I walk into the studio to tweak a verse or to mix a song that's almost ready to come out, I end up with new music, because in this moment I feel creative, and I feel like it's an incredible outlet..."

    I am sick and tired of expecting her to go back to the darker guitar-led eatery she left behind two decades ago, and she keeps putting the carrot in front of my snout. Come through with La Ladrona Soy Yo at long last, reina. The moment is now because you'll be in jail soon.

  18. Ugh, I know better than to get my hopes up, but this is SO the thing I want to hear after the creative bankruptcy of the last 2 albums.
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  19. I fucking HOWLED.

    but also absolutely, yes.
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