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Shakira - "Monotonía" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by vasilios, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Shakira, stop, please.

    She is not going to win. She is crazy.
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  2. I doubt it. Her defence rests on the fact that she wasn’t “mainly” living in Spain. It’s a weak defence because she had just bought a home, was living with Pique and that she was pregnant at the time and later gave birth in Spain. Also, Pique lost his tax case a couple of years ago and had to pay millions. So I would be surprised if she wins.

    Also, Spain’s tax prosecutors are no middle-of-the-range public servant lawyers. Just ask Ronaldo, Messi, Mecano.

    I also hope she loses. I have no patience for the top 3 percent with their tax loopholes and tax havens, who have their own charities but hate paying into public funds that pay for schools, hospitals, pensions.
  3. Should I click on that?
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  4. it's giving
  5. She said fuck subtlety this era! You better be sure she will talk about it all! I hope she burns a soccer ball next.
  6. Not madre with her dramatic ass! We share our Big 3 zodiac signs so I just get her.

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  7. Didn’t she just give an interview in a major magazine publication?

    Anyway, they recently blasted Shakira in the stadium when Pique was training.

  8. Screenshot 2022-10-18 171930.png

    I wish she would have taken ANY other direction for the first single after her official split, give us a BOP, a powerballad, an anthem, not this.

    (or maybe it's just my personal taste).
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  9. The song is not great but it will do well in Latin America, she has a tax bill to eventually pay and all with very little creative input.
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  10. [​IMG]

    The song is better than I expected but this single cover... girl.

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  11. Oh this is her best song in years. I'm a bit emotional. She's in her Vulnicura era.
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  12. This is a bit......generous mija.

    Why does it feel like it's under 2 mins long? I can't tell if it'll be a hit or not; there's not enough subtlety for me.
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  13. Imagine what Don’t Bother Shakira would be writing about all this!! I can picture the music video when she kicks the flaming soccer ball through the lookalike models chest leaving a cartoon perfect circle hole
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  14. the mija part from this comment has me rollin on the floor!
  15. Girl, you need to try harder than this.

    Is that a boar heart in the video?
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  16. Girls... I like the song!


    The video... that's camp.
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  17. It is indeed a very camp expedition. I also don't really get the girls getting their panties in a knot over any of this when this is... classic Shakira? She has always delivered cheesy puns and in-your-face, not-so-subtle visual analogies, even during her imperial phase, and that's part of her charm. She has also always flirted with this type of sound for years. I can't help but wonder if people just aren't willing to give her a fair shot because of her thievery ways (which... fair!) or if this is yet another case of people not liking a song because they can't relate to its sound as they weren't raised in a place where these genres would blast out of neighborhood windows on cleaning Sundays! If you know you know.

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  18. Pay your taxes
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