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Shania Twain - "Giddy Up!" + Queen of Me (Feb 3)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Sep 15, 2022.

  1. Not sure how much I trust his taste level, he was the one who convinced Shania that Life's About to Get Good was the best song to launch her comeback with.
  2. Life's About To Get Good was the best song to launch her comeback with though. Sure, there are better songs on Now, but the upbeat positive message of Life's About To Get Good after Shania's struggles made it a great comeback track.
  3. It's just such a meh song though. Swinging With My Eyes Closed has a similar message and is just so much better in every way.
  4. Life's About To Get Good is fantastic and up there with her classics sooooo let's not please.
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  5. Rob


    Now wasn't exactly jam packed with single worthy choices.
  6. The new remix of Man I Feel Like A Woman reminds me of Christina’s Keeps Getting Better.
  7. (Life's About To) Get Good! was great. They missed the mark not making Poor Me a single though
  8. Life's About to Get Good is... good but not great. Swingin' (With My Eyes Closed), (Who's Gonna Be) Your Girl, We've Got Something (They Don't!) and I'm Alright should have been the singles.
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  9. Once again expressing my love for the underrated We've Got Something They Don't. It's one of the instances from Now that feels like classic Shania, and the "doesn't it feel good... to be TOGETHAAAA" is low key iconic.
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  10. Swingin' should've been the comeback single, imo. It grabs you by the neck from the first 2 seconds.

    Poor Me would've followed as a promo, and Life's About to Get Good as a duet with some male country artist to keep the momentum going.
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  11. I actually think they chose the best four singles, the only thing I'd have done with those four is release Life's About to Get Good immediately after Stagecoach in April, release We Got Something They Don't as the second single in the June with the album pre-order and then keep Swingin' in August and Who's Gonna Be Your Girl in October. With all of the singles having videos, that's the one thing that disappointed me about the era. Two music videos and done.

    If it was a "classic Shania" era with more singles, I'd have said I'm Alright, Home Now, Let's Kiss and Make Up and Poor Me would have been the next four.
  12. Hope we get a decent run of singles from Queen Of Me if the quality of the first couple we have got are to go by.
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  13. But, those are some of the worst songs on the album.
  14. No. They're really not.
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  15. Let's Kiss and Make Up is easily one of the worst things she's ever done.
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  16. Let's Kiss & Make Up is a huuuuuge bop and one of the best songs on Now.
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  17. The rest of Now could do with being more like Let’s Kiss & Make-Up! It’s so unexpected for Shania and just the perfect light, breezy upbeat pop song.

    I know it may not be what everyone wants from Shania but I really think the album would have benefitted from following that as more of a blueprint, I think with Now it was lacking a little ‘Shania’ so going more down that sound would have benefitted the era more because it’s just not as comparable to the earlier material.
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  18. Not sure if anyone has noticed, but they have dropped a 25th Anniversary edition of Come On Over on Apple Music, remastered to Spatial Audio (not entirely sure what that means still, all I know is it doesn't sound great in my car). Some new duets on there, all live versions. Not awful, but was hoping for something more like what The Women In Me got. C'est la vie.
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  19. Shame no physical version (yet anyway) nor remixes included.
  20. A Man! I Feel Like A Woman! digital EP has popped up on streaming services, a few songs are new to streaming I think.
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