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Shania Twain - "Last Day of Summer" + Queen of Me (Feb 3)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Sep 15, 2022.

  1. The song is very catchy and she looks so damn hot on the cover!
  2. Great song. People are way too fixated on her voice. Of course, she isn't going to sound as she did 20+ years ago. She sounds great and still very much Shania.
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  3. Really loving this! It stacks up so well against her older stuff. I didn’t know the surgery was/could be temporary either, makes me really appreciate what she’s doing even more. It’s very brave.
  4. Wonder if we will get another single before the album itself? Any idea when that will be due out?
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  5. 3Xs


    Maybe it's just because I booked my first overseas trip in over 2 years today but honey I am dreaming!! I instantly like this more than anything on Now.
  6. Probably yes... the album's not out until early next year, so I'd imagine at least another, maybe 2, singles :)
    (especially how quick we got WUD after 'Not Just A Girl')
  7. The song and video are both great fun. The pitch correction on Shania's vocals is very distracting to me, but it's hard to take issue with it when her voice issues are so well documented. I admire her tenacity in continuing to make music and perform.

  8. This song has made me appreciate Shania alot more than before. She really does have so many amazing songs. Glad to have her back.
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  9. [​IMG]

    I was pretty indifferent about Not Just a Girl, so this is a relief. I don’t mind the processed vocals; I hammered Now so much when it came out that I’m pretty well-adjusted to it now.

    I actually think this could have been a decent-sized hit for her if she’d released it earlier in her career.

  10. New interview.
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  11. I listen to this song every morning. Shania's upbeat songs always put me in a good mood. She is the master of writing and creating a feel good energetic song like this. It's classic Shania. I really love it. And i'm just thankful she's able to continue to make music.
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  12. Her upbeat songs, are always the best I think.
  13. I don't think she needs the vocal effects but it's a fine song. I hope we get some live performances.
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  14. Anyone know who this is, thought Shania but I don’t anymore.

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  15. That UK girl singing country?
  16. It's Jewel, I got the same ad from her Instagram account.
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  17. Shania tried so hard there but he just seemed uninterested. Won’t be listening to his show.
  18. The new single is so adorable.
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  19. This came up on Discover Weekly - really great stuff. Relieved it’s not another ballad.
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