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Shania Twain: Now! (Fifth Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BostonJamesz, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. LP


    Too bad about that live streamed concert that was never actually streamed...
  2. Nothing about the DVD.... but there are strong rumours about a new Vegas residency (she's been in Vegas quite frequently lately)..
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if they launch a Vegas residency near Christmas time, since the Christmas album's coming this year.

    I can already see her appearing on Ellen to announce the residency and give tickets away.
  4. I doubt it will happen this year... as everything with Shania takes time.. lol
    The previous residency was announced 1,5 year in advance. So my guess it will be at least next year.
    She can always do a limited Xmas residency..
  5. Weird. I just can't imagine Shania as an actress. Also John Travolta is doing a song with her for this Christmas album (cringe). We all know how his last Christmas collab worked out...

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  6. I will never understand why anyone would go to a concert (especially one like Shania's) and sit the entire time or get angry someone is dancing and having fun. It's ridiculous.
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  7. Thank you for reminding me of this. I have no words for how much I love this video! John Travolta's vocal is truly otherworldly.
  8. You love this hot botox-y mess of a video? Really?
    Song is fine, but the video is so damn cringe. Looks like one long Scientology conversion ad.
  9. I love it for all the wrong reasons! It's so wonderfully bizarre and tacky. "Otherworldly" is not a compliment in this case. I meant it literally.
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  10. Haha it really is a hot mess. Queen John & Olivia really serving
  11. Well if someone buys seats they should sit, it’s fairly simple. If you want to stand, get standing tickets. It’d be different if there is no standing area but most concerts have one.
    You don’t know why someone can’t stand, they may have some medical problem or they may simply be older and not able to stand or might just not like standing for the whole show. And yeah, you can say if there’s a medical problem they should use the disability area but why should they if they don’t need to? They’re only taking away from people that might genuinely need it.
  12. Unfortunately it's not that black or white... as usually concerts, it's either fully seated or standing on the floor (at least here). There's no standing area's when everything is seated. And really... how can you SIT during songs like "Whose Bed", "Man!", etc. Then you'd be better off by either sitting on the top tier or watching a DVD..
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  13. It kinda is though... honestly I prefer standing but if I buy seats, I stay seated unless everyone is standing. I don’t really see the need to stand anyway, what difference does it make? It’s normally too crowded in the standing area to move, so it’s not like you can dance and it’s just cringe when people dance in the seated area.
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  14. What difference it makes? A LOT.
    It really takes the joy out of a concert experience.

    If you go to a Norah Jones show... I'd get people sitting. But if you go to a Shania gig... or even One Direction (one of their last gigs here was a SEATED concert)... how can you sit for 2 hours with all those up-tempo songs? When you go out to the club you likely have the same amount of space and you can still dance.

    I remember 2 years ago at a Céline Dion concert here in Holland... it was all seated, but people were standing during the first 2 (ballad!) songs. When security forced people to sit, Céline cut her speech to tell everyone to stand and to do it if they feel like doing it. You're at a concert, not in your living room.

    And at Shania's gig here... my friends and I stood on our SEATS when Shania sang 'You're Still The One' (other fans were too) and that's how she noticed us and asked us on stage... So yes, it makes all the difference.
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  15. Dancing in front of your seat is iconic and the best concert experience teeebeeheych.
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  16. Guess it’s just difference of opinion.
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  17. "Cuz I'm seatin' you forever and for always..."
  18. Shania's presenting Lionel Richie with an award at the Power of Love Gala on Saturday.
  19. Another Vegas residency is great but I just want the tour DVD right now.
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