Shania Twain - Queen of Me: Royal Edition

I want to see her but Tinley Park Illinois is like an hour outside of Chicago and there's no easy way to get there by public transit which, since i'm in the city, is my main mode of getting around. So that's frustrating.
It's also an outdoor amphitheater, which is probably why it was chosen.
I really like the look of the t-shirt boxset - really not unreasonable price. Is that only available in the US?
What is the “artist pre-sale” about on Ticketmaster? Is it a pre-order of the album, I can’t see anything which discloses that pre-ordering it you get a code.
Does anyone know if you need a code for the Aisle Seats pre-sale? I can't seem to find much info on it than they sell in pairs or packs of 4
I'm glad there's a second show but I'm confused - how is this phenomenal demand determined before the general tickets even go on sale?
It took me 55 minutes to get through for Glasgow and I didn’t get any tickets. So yeah, the demand is definitely there and she’s pretty much sold out already for the the first show.