Shania Twain - Queen of Me: Royal Edition

Inhale/Exhale Air is, I think, this song just with a new title:

It's a bright pop anthem that has Twain punching the sky as she reaches the chorus... but it turns out the inspiration was much darker.

"It's about the anxiety of running out of air," the singer explains.

"I had a very bad bout with Covid, with Covid pneumonia, and it was very touch-and-go. I was feeling like, oh my God, I just have to breathe."

The condition was particularly frightening because Twain had experienced that constriction in her throat before.

At the height of her fame in 2003, she was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme disease, causing nerve damage to her vocal cords that stopped her singing for almost a decade.

She only recovered after open throat surgery, re-emerging in 2012 with a newfound rasp to play the first of two blockbuster Las Vegas residencies.

After Covid, Twain came out swinging again. What You Gonna Do With That Air is both a celebration of life and a challenge to herself: what will you do with the extra time you've been given?

"The Super Bowl would be a great one," she smiles, referring to the high-profile half-time show. "That's a good target. I just need to think about which songs."