Shania Twain - Queen of Me: Royal Edition

What a performance! Loved it! Little misstep at the beginning, but overall, such a vibe and I will be getting tickets for the third date in November. WOW. God I love her. She was the first artist I remember buying CDs for and watching on CMT Canada. Loved seeing Carrie up and dancing with such admiration. And loved the shots of Kelly Clarkson with just pure joy and singing along. I'm hoping for another Shania visit on Kelly when the album comes out.

Ready for their duet when she;s back on Kelly.
So the pink hair on her is stunning, she looks amazing.
That red carpet outfit however was hideous. The outfits for the performance were much better, especially that silvery catsuit.
Great performance too, although...not being impressed by Ryan Reynolds?

Glad I don't suffer from it.
(It was really cute seeing how into it he was though)
I love all the looks. Whoever is styling her now is doing a fabulous job. I haven’t liked some of the ‘frilly’ things in recent years, too much fabric. That was a great performance.
That performance was really fun and I loved how “Waking Up Dreaming” just sonically fits with her big hits. It’s my favorite song of hers in ages.

Could have done without the multiple Carrie underwood shots though. Trash.