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Shania Twain - Queen of Me

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Sep 15, 2022.

  1. Got a ticket for the 2nd Glasgow date, but of the expense of going solo, was near impossible to get 2x tickets beside each other that wasn’t so far back.
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  2. I managed to snag tickets for the second Glasgow date, really good seats 7 rows from the front. The queen of yeehaw was watching over me for that one. Looking forward to seeing her live again because her tour back in 2018 was incredible.
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  3. Got my tickets for the Dublin. See ye there fellow Irish girlies
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  4. I used the link on her set to look at tickets for the Syracuse date and the site said lawn tickets were $209?? That seems a little steep so now I'm wondering if that was someone selling them second hand.
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  6. I’d given up on an anniversary pressing this year but that video has me excited again! Especially seeing the international cover… I think the standard has come back into print so hopefully that will be the diamond edition cover!
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  7. Excellent news about an re issue of Come On Over! This alongside the new album, is double fab news!
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  8. SBK


    Hopefully they celebrate both versions, I much prefer the international…

    Wonder what they’ll do? It’s a pretty packed album already, expanding it would take some work, and both versions are still available on vinyl
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  9. I just hope there’s a three-disc like The Woman In Me.
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  10. There’s 2 VIP Packages and the prices are eye watering (then again I paid £495 for Steps)

    But imagine going on stage for her to sing to you!!!
    ^ €540 each
    ^ €815 each
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  11. If you use the white rhinestone hat on Shania's new Instagram filter, you can hear a snippet of Queen of Me!
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  12. I’ve just wasted ten minutes of my life playing with the filters haha.
  13. The only tickets left for both shows are either re-sale or stupid American Express tickets. WHY?! Does anyone here have a Rogers code I could steal from them? haha. Looking May 10th in Calgary.
  14. Man I Feel Like A Woman, Love Gets Me Every Time and Don't Be Stupid are remastered in HD now.
    I believe the audio for Man I Feel Like A Woman has been changed to the country version (it was an alternative mix before).
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  15. Is that the music videos for the songs I take it then?
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  16. I was working a 13 hour shift the day the tickets went on sale and by the time I tired the only tickets left for either of the Glasgow dates were over £500! Ended up getting tickets for Birmingham, so it’ll be a wee trip away now. Can’t wait to finally see her live!
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  17. You can also hear it in her 'Not Just A Girl' Netflix documentary (where the snippet is taken from) :)
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  18. Tracklist. The two Target tracks are called On Three and Done & Dusted.

    1. Giddy Up!
    2. Brand New
    3. Waking Up Dreaming
    4. Best Friend
    5. Pretty Liar
    6. Inhale/Exhale Air
    7. Last Day of Summer
    8. Queen of Me
    9. Got It Good
    10. Number One
    11. Not Just a Girl
    12. The Hardest Stone - Diamonds
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  19. From Up! to Giddy Up! in 20 years.
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