Shania Twain - Queen of Me

Looks like she’s on Graham Norton next week. Not performing as I think Tom Grennan is the musical guest. I’m glad she’s doing at least some sort of UK promo.
For Now she had a fair few actual promo slots performing though. As well as radio 2 playing the singles. Graham will be the first proper bit of UK promo for this album. She’s done a lot more in the US.
Performing wise, yes true. She had the People Choice Awards and that was it right? She will be presenting at the Grammys. Lost opportunity to perform this weekend.
She performed at the BBC thing on the day after Proms in the Park 2017. This feels like a new era, whereas Now felt like it was trying to use past successes.

Disappointed her talent show thing that my mum saw isn’t out this week.
Does anyone have this picture in better quality? I NEED this to be my album cover on itunes
I’m not concerned about UK promo, she was all over the place here when Waking Up Dreaming dropped, she’s got the signing Thursday then Graham Norton airing Friday so I’m confident they’re focusing on the US for week 1 and UK for the end of this week/next week.

I think they’ve full committed for global promo and it’s hard to squeeze that all into one week if making physical appearances. Maybe they will lose the number 1 in the UK but softening the inevitable week 2 drop would be pretty sweet as well.
After not being too bothered by the first single (and actively disliking Giddy Up!) this album is actually pretty good. Best songs are Last Day of Summer (had no idea that Jack Savoretti co-wrote this), Number One, Got it Good and Pretty Liar.
I wonder how limited the HMV pink vinyl is? I'm tempted to get a copy but, at the same time, struggling to justify paying £35 for a vinyl...
The guitar on Inhale/Exhale AIR reminds me of Natalie Imbruglia-Torn.

I'm really liking the album. I'm only familiar to Shania's biggest singles really, so it's nice to have an album to listen to!