Shania Twain - Queen of Me


1 Shania Twain - Queen of Me (13,642) [12,178 physicals, 480 streams] *
2 RAYE - My 21st Century Blues (10,176) [5,981 physicals, 2,362 streams] *
3 The Weeknd - The Highlights (5,041)
4 Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy (4,885) *
5 Taylor Swift - Midnights (4,355)

Current Music Week cover star Twain is in pole position with her sixth album Queen Of Me, which has 13,642 sales so far, 12,178 of which are from physical. Raye’s debut album My 21st Century Blues is in hot pursuit, currently standing on 10,176 sales with 5,981 from physical. Streaming could yet hold the key: with Tuesday’s DSP data yet to be counted, Raye’s record has 2,362 sales from streams, while Twain’s has 480.
Hopefully with the voice note bundle and signing tomorrow, numbers will be enough.
SCREAM this is the most iconic M&G ever.
Trust me, in my Celeb-meeting hey days (long behind me) I’ve had many a celeb fake-call their way out of meeting fans or literally diss me (hi Diana Ross). So for Shania, to literally come out the car, apologize for being on the phone and being late but still wanting to take pictures and she signed for someone with their name… that’s the testament of a true diva.
I think it’s interesting going from Now to Queen of Me. I wonder if the next album will be somewhere in between. I hope it’ll be a bit more countrified.