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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by paul lekakis, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. I know this is an unpopular opinion but out of all three versions I most prefer the international mix of Man I Feel Like A Woman, these "oooh" backing vocals in the prechorus really lift it up.
  2. I thought the documentary was very good if the feminist framing is definitely forced (but deserved!) when you have people like that Mercury Records man with a tone insisting on the very collaborative nature of Mutt's and her relationship and also Diplo basically objectifying her. But it is a great overview of her career and she comes across really well.
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  3. Is that the Notting Hill mix?

    I swear, I need to take a Come on Over course just to understand all the different mixes.
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    This is quite enlightening (and in parts...not)
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  5. I loved the documentary. I often forget just how big that album was.

    12 hit singles from a 16 track album. 40 million copies sold. And as the manager said… actual copies sold. Not just streams.

    I also always thought Up! was a flop, so I was amazed to learn that it went diamond.
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  6. Some other new songs have been registered alongside 'You Prick'.

    'Queen of Me', 'Got It Good', 'Best Friend' and 'Last Day of Summer', which was co-written with Jack Savoretti.
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  7. No "You Prick!"?

    What an injustice.
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  8. Caught those too… none of them are as enticing as You Prick though. I’m here for spicy, uncensored Shania.
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  9. I actually thought the documentary was going to be a bit more "behind the scenes" than it was. It seemed a bit bland considering it was all stuff you already know if you are a fan. A part of me also thought that from the trailer we would get performances from the Now Tour weaved throughout the documentary. It would have been a good idea to beef it up as 90 minutes felt too short for someone with a career like Shania.
  10. I agree with all of the sentiments shared here about the doc. It was nice but someone with that kind of story and career deserves a longer doc with a little more personal insight. For what it was, it was done well and it was fast-paced enough to hold a casual viewers attention. Which is why I think it’s main purpose was to remind the general public of what a force she was for a whole decade and just butter the casuals up for a special edition release of Come on Over.
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  11. I didn't realize she already announced reissues of Come On Over and Up!

  12. Oo very excited for these. Come on Over and Up! hold such a place in my heart, it'll be fun to hear them remastered and whatever "all sorts of new material on them" is.

    Also the absolute humble brag of "My trilogy of consecutive diamond albums".... Powerful
  13. I wish ‘Whatever You Do! Don’t!’ had been a single over some of the others.
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  14. For what it's worth, each copy sold counted as 2 because it was a double-disc album. It was still great either way.
  15. I actually really enjoyed the doc. While I knew all the big stuff, there's a lot I didn't know and it was great to seeing all the behind the scenes clips and older interviews.
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  16. Wow, I loved that documentary. She's so inspiring, resilient and incredibly positive. Reminds of Tina Turner that way, my two Swiss queens.

    Amazing that she's working with Mark Ralph, he's definitely one of the most exciting producers in the last 5 years and let's face it she's always had a great instinct about collab chemistry. If we get anything even like either of these he's done it would be sensational...

  17. I'm so pumped for new Shania stuff. It has to be coming this year, right?
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  18. Next year according to an interview with Yahoo.
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    Are all the Come On Over singles on the new compilation the original US mixes?
    It's once again doing my head in tagging these..
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  20. I really want them to press the one that was released in the UK (and most European territories too I assume). That artwork is so iconic for me.
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