Share Your Spotify Playlists

We all know PJ has god-tier taste. Prove it by sharing your playlists so we can all have something new to get us through the workday/drive/workout, etc.

To start us off, here's a mix of sweaty '90s dance jams:

And for the comedown, some trip-hop flavor:

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Lost Boy's official Spotify playlists:

The Long Drive Playlist
Updated weekly, fresh new pop songs that are perfect for driving.

Eyes On... New Music Friday
New Music Friday broken down into the best of the best, so you don't have to.

Lost Boy's Weekly Chart

Exactly as it says - my personal weekly chart. The taste!

What about my Apple playlists

I have so many and I'm quite anal about them. Here are a few of my faves

This was my favourite yearly playlist so far - all bops all the time

Into which I throw every KPop song I like while I educate myself

Amazing (mostly British) songs from the 90s which remind me of old NOW compilations my brother used to collect
I've promoted this one before, but I adore these 45+ hours of gay anthems. I originally made it for #pride but I end up spinning it year round. Would appreciate a follow!

And here's my self-rotating, monthly playlist - but I'm sure it looks similar to everyone else's here!
During uni, I had the worst time calming down whenever I got stressed, and the best recommendation came from a friend who said to make your own playlist.

So I created "Ease My Mind"; it's full of easy going R&B, electronica, indie, ambient, and trip hop vibes.
An alt-chillout playlist if you will.

I used to play it at my last job when I was on the open and it made for such an easy going shift.

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