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Sharon Van Etten - We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong (New Album 2022)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by constantino, May 26, 2014.

  1. Edu


    That I'll Try - Anything - Born - Headspace sequence destroyed me in a way I wasn't expecting.
    It feels so good to be wrecked by miss Sharon...
  2. Born just tore me open like only Sharon can. Her vocals are incredible in this album and the writing is top notch as always
  3. I wasn‘t a huge fan of the integration of Synth Pop into her sound since Remind Me Tomorrow as I preferred her earlier material. But I really enjoy this new album, these atmospheric textures fit her voice very well. Home To Me and Born are wrecking me right now but the whole album is really strong.
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  4. Headspace is just...

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  5. I held off on listening to this cause she looks like Ghislaine Maxwell on the cover and I was irrationally turned off ddd I thought it would be heavier than I’m looking for atm but wow, the album is huge. Born-Headspace-Come Back is definitely the defining run of tracks and beating heart of the album but Mistakes is also such a surprising little moment of pop-rock perfection and Far Away as a closer is ethereal, life-affirming, haunting etc.

    She is really building an intimidatingly strong discography. The last 3 albums have been so, so special.
  6. Im impressed with how much I keep coming back to this (especially given how much Dance Fever has taken over my life) but she once again delivered. I’m probably dreaming but I feel like revisiting Epic for Epic 10 brought back some of her earlier style into the soundscape she started to build with the last album. Anyone in particular has been hitting me like A Crime did 11 years ago! I completely co-sign that Born-Headspace-Come Back is the run of the album but in defense of all the other songs it’s the type of run that only few artists have in their discography. I also hear in this album how defining she has been and continues to be for the genre/music. I hope all the Swifties over 25 who enjoyed Folklore give this a try cause it’s a stunning display of a songwriter mastering her craft.
  7. Now that I’ve had time to soak it in this is competing for my favorite album of hers! Anything is like getting hit by a shotgun in slow motion which makes sense since the following trilogy is heaven in Alt Gay Form.
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  8. Thrilled to confirm Sharon does the 'Elaine dance' when performing Mistakes live.
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  9. I’m back listening to this after a month or so break and whew, it’s easily one of the finest albums of the year. Headspace remains an electrical storm of desperate emotional release and Mistakes has my favourite joyous scream-along chorus of the year.

    Ms Van Etten never, ever misses.
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