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Sharp Objects (HBO show starring Amy Adams)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Aidan, Jul 9, 2018.

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  2. That stuff she said to her daughter...

    World's worst mother.
  3. I agree. How could she be a “good” Mother and not to the other Daughter. More like world’s most selective (and worst) Mother.
  4. Yes, Adora is the worst.

    I am loving the show though in all its slow paced-ness. Camille and the Detective have really great chemistry. I predict that the murder plot will pick up again in the next episode?
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  5. Yeah there is lots of comments about the show being very thin on plot or moving things along, but it's not really bothering me much at all..I just like being around these characters. Especially Adora. Her voice just makes me crack up, and how she's in a perpetual state of suffering. Very me after a heavy weekend.
  6. The way she looked at Camille’s scars and said “you’re ruined” was probably the worst thing she’s said to her
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  7. The worst thing for some reason for me was when she said she had forgotten how bad the cutting and scars were like damn, how could you forget that for your daughter.

    I reread the book recently and actually, it’s quite a slow burn and the murder mystery really ramps up in the last 20pages or so, so I think the pacing works for me but I can understand that it could be frustrating.

    Still, this show is stunning.
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  8. I just rewatched episode 5. This show is still be annoying with the dialogue mixing. I completely missed Adora's best moment. When they enter the dress shop and the assistant say's 'how are you hands' and Adora replies 'oh you know the roses are so cruel to my soft skin I'm afraid' Ha.
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  9. I'd say "That's why I never loved you" is the worst thing to hear from your mother.
  10. It's almost cartoonishly evil, especially since she saw how much harm Camille has inflicted on herself.
  11. That bit was horrid. I think Amma, and possibly Adora know who the killer is, but I don't think its them.
  12. Have you guys noticed how creepy Aunt Jackie (Elizabeth Perkins) is? There's something very evil about her character. She probably knows who killed those girls and loves watching things unfold in front of her eyes.
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  13. Can we talk about that final scene on episode 5?

    I am.. that was...
    a prosthetic dick ????
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  14. He was tugging on something but I didn't actually see anything?
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  15. I love how long Adora is milking her rose inflicted injury. She's so ridiculous (and awful).
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  16. I don’t know if Jackie is evil, she seems to be more of a mother figure to Camille than Adora ever was. But she definitely has an idea of what’s going on in the town. Didn’t she say something about the girls liking guys with badges? Maybe hinting at Adora and the main cop (I forget his name)?
  17. I don't really know for sure, i was very nervous, i have a really huge crash on Chris Messina since Mindy.
  18. I don't think it showed anything, just the impression that he was tugging away. HBO mostly use prosthetics for male naked scenes anyway.
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  19. What do you mean? It was just Richard and Camille having sex right, and him getting himself....worked up, shall we say.
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  20. I was so fucking SURE that what didn't happen at the end of episode 4 will happen in episode 5 and then it ends with a wanking/sex scene.

    NOT THIS SHOW DRAGGGGGGING the entire plot. Three more episode GURLS and then we find out who the killah is.

    Btw, if you guys like this, please please please watch the new season of The Sinner - it's SOOOO good - almost as dark as this.
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