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Shawn Mendes - Self-Titled Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Subwaykid, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Who approved this PR stunt? The comments in the Instagram posts are tragic and the definition of a backfire.
  2. Apologies for not scouring the thread for answers, but are his recent singles intended for a rerelease of the SM album or are we confusingly headed into a new era?
  3. The promo has just escalated.

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  4. Excellent bop! I’m glad it’s doing so well for both of them.

    The young and successful popstars collaborating on a duet then becoming a “couple” in front of the paps feels very mid 00s of them. Which I guess is accurate considering the song is serving me some Could I Have This Kiss Forever and Nobody Wants To Be Lonely throwback teas.
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  5. Hnngh
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  6. Aawww! This reminds me so much of my first kiss with a girl. My first and last one.
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  8. Really who talked him into this. I don’t think using his sexuality and PDA as a publicity tool is a game he wants to play.
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  9. He...looks like he's steeling himself for something incredibly unpleasant before the smooch. I'm yelling.
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  10. I feel bad for him
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  11. I mean I don't think the label is holding him/them at gunpoint for this masquerade.
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  12. Shameless.
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  13. I think this has more to do with their single than anything else. Obviously both sides are in on it, so it’s whatever. Their PR’s desperation for the general public to care is the funniest part. These supposed “random” people catching them out and running to Twitter and Instagram, like... all you can do is laugh.
  14. I honestly do feel bad for him. He's clearly uncomfortable with this sort of "promo." Let the guy live.
  15. You can't even see his face.
    We went from "stop talking about his sexuality" to this? Let him kiss whoever he wants, even if it's for promo.
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  16. This is going to be a looooooong summer, if they're planning to keep this going until the VMAs.
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  17. Señorita is so unimaginative. We've heard this kind of thing before.
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  18. Suddenly I want to release a song with him.
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  19. I love Señorita but hate the PR.
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