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Shawn Mendes - Shawn Mendes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Subwaykid, Mar 9, 2018.

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  1. Señorita was fun for a little under 2 minutes but started to bore me.
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  2. I have to say, the two of them wailing "I'm always comin' for ya" 50x on repeat has me cackling.
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  3. I would usually say it's basic but it actually sounds quite velvety and rich and dripping in atmosphere. I like it a lot.
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  4. Yeah this deserves to be huge. And I’ve never wanted to be Camila more.
  5. Between the title and the cross promo, this marketing is very 2003. Not mad at it.

    There’s even a zine

  6. I'd like this to be a huge #1 because they still feel very much like B-Listers in the pop scene and it feels like a proper, organic duet as they're both close friends and it's not some random pairing of artists with no history or chemistry. They're both very likeable and talented and let's face it, the song is a bop.

    I still can't believe she was in Fifth Harmony sometimes.
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  7. It's very


    Except Shawn isn't a twat.
  8. Dd this was exactly what I was thinking but didn’t want to bring JT up. Can’t wait for the joint EP

  9. I immediately thought this too, but didn’t want to post it and get 100 “Christina sweetie....” quotifications ddd.
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  10. The song and the video are surprisingly great. Shook.
  11. I won’t necessarily go out of my way to spin the track but it’s a fun package overall and works just fine with where they’re both at career-wise.
  12. This will be massive everywhere! Love it! Glad she’s still has good songs in her, I wasn’t fussed about Find You Again.
  13. The video really surprised me, it almost made Shawn seem like he has a personality.
  14. I wish that the production on "Señorita" was beefier, which is not something that I thought that I'd need to ask of a Cashmere Cat co-production.
  15. Shawn: I love it when you call me señorita..

  16. If you listen with headphones it's clear Shawn isn't singing the word "me".
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  17. Who cares if he is anyway?
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  18. Even if he is saying it, it can just be him saying he likes when she calls him on the phone or whatever. Not that it would matter if he meant it the other way.
  19. I swear you can hear him saying "when I call you"?
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