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Shawn Mendes - Summer of Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by -Jay-, Aug 7, 2021.

  1. When I tell you I YELLED
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  2. dddd that arch.
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  3. She thirsty.
  4. A frog.
  5. I have no problem people showing skin, but at least make the photos more interesting and less nude with guitar.

    I mean Nick Jonas likes to reveal skin and most of the time it's at least more titillating.
  6. He's trash, but I want to lick his hole.
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  7. It's been a while since I followed a Shawn Mendes campaign, but does he generally debut high and then drop or does he generally have a modest debut and then climb?
  8. There was a time two years ago when he debuted with ease at #2 with If I Can't Have You (bop!). Even Wonder at least debuted in the Top 20 though and the Bieber collab in the Top 10.
  9. Fraudulent caption aside I really like Shawn's mesh shirt.

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  10. Serving ventriloquist chic.
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  11. Shawn flopping... Camila bombing... it's safe to say something happened in the space time continuum because I'm convinced some career ending energy was unleashed into the universe the moment they pulled away from kissing each other on Instagram that time. Either that or it's a hex because they've been a laughing stock ever since nn.

  12. The MEMES.
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  13. I do agree with the opinions expressed in this thread that his commercial decline is a combination of mediocre material, losing his bachelor status as a teen heartthrob and Harry Styles occupying the lane that he was in.
  14. The fact that he thinks wearing a mesh shirt at this point is going to do anything makes me scream.
  15. I’m less convinced it’s because he’s dating someone and more of the fact that he’s dating Camila. Her getting exposed, him getting exposed, and then the cringeworthy tabloid fodder they’ve been giving has hurt both of their images. Being corny is fine, but it doesn’t work with the “misunderstood artiste” schtick he’s trying portray. Combine that with him confirming he’s not gay every 5 minutes, no one takes him seriously. His last album was decent in terms of music but no one’s buying what he’s selling. I don’t like Harry but for some reason, people believe his schtick.

    He’s also stagnating in terms of music. I think he’s legitimately talented, but he isn’t bringing anything new to the table right now. I think if he did something truly left field then people would pay attention.
  16. RJF


    The fact that Harry stole so many of his fans purely by not confirming he's straight. A scream.
  17. The mind of a mastermind!
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