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Shawn Mendes - Summer of Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by -Jay-, Aug 7, 2021.

  1. Every time I'm reminded he came to prominence because of that M*gC*n disaster I lose a fraction of a second off my life.
  2. RJF


    The way that Miss Shawn thought he was doing something in that sheer blouse when Miss Harlot Styles has been stunTing and baiTing for years now. Better go get some acrylics on those fingers, breeder!

  3. asdfdfsagss I truly hate you
  4. Summer of Love is predicted to fall 41 (!!!) spots because DONDA and other new entries on the Hot 100. Drake will boot it off of the chart completely and I doubt the VMAs will boost the song all that much.

    I wonder if he has an album and more singles ready?
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  5. I don't think he's become stagnant as opposed to a full on regression.
  6. People like him and Camila are just utterly disposable as artists, so the minute they start playing these obnoxious tabloid games it's game over.

    They've exhausted the public and now nobody cares anymore. Nobody wants to stream their songs or watch their videos. We've collectively seen enough. There isn't enough CUNT between the two of them to resuscitate their careers after overexposure like this.
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  7. I died
  8. Damn, "Summer Of Love" is in freefall. Does he have any promo lined up?
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  9. The VMAs this Sunday. Drake will kick him off the Hot 100 this week and it’ll be tough for him to re-chart with the way the song’s performing on streaming.
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  10. It was the summer of flop


    Even C*mila's song seems to have more legs and it's arguably less 'straighforward' than his. Eeek.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Teenage girls really said 'we have TikTokers now, do not need' huh.
  13. Yeah, or they’re just into K-Pop/Olivia/The Kid LAROI, Harry, etc. now.
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  14. I kind of wish that the look committed to one textile—either all leather or all velvet—but I low-key think that that's a serve for him.
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  15. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Were Met tickets on Groupon this year?
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