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Shawn Mendes - Summer of Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by -Jay-, Aug 7, 2021.

  1. The world really is healing.
  2. The evil is defeated.
  3. Anxiously anticipating the career rehab press tour that's about to ensue. At least give us a bop this time.
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  4. It's giving "the contract has expired".
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  5. The exhausting press campaigns that are going to ensue with their next albums though….
  6. @Justin Trudeau can we ban her from terrorizing Canada again?
  7. Relieved to find out the Señorita promo campaign has officially ended today.
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  8. Grindr is trending on Twitter, specifically related to this news.
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  9. Is it wrong that when I saw this my first thought was "good" ddd.
  10. I guess the Summer of Love is over.
  11. Damn I thought they would last forever.
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  12. Now he just needs great songs that match the look. I've loved his recent fashion moments and photo shoots.
  13. Camilla will probably go the break up ballad route and pull the woe is me routine which will make her even more insufferable than she already is.
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  14. wellhello_letscelebratethat.gif

    However, we are going to have to endure another 18 months of them parlaying these into break-up albums and the storyline for multiple YouTube documentary series. It’s not over until it’s over.
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  15. Really reads "contract finished".
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  16. Here for Winter of Hatred.

    Give us that Wicked Game ethereal bop, Baronet. Sorry can't bring myself to call him King
  17. The fact that this was like 2 weeks ago:


  19. End our romantic relationship
    200 (2).gif
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