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Shawn Mendes - "When You're Gone" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by -Jay-, Aug 7, 2021.

  1. This has ... needed to be done. That contract was a good 2 years too long.
  2. That's an older video of her recording something for a fan named Camila dd
  3. The internet harassment of his sexuality is very reminiscent of the magazine media's speculation about Ricky Martin's back-in-the-day. It was gross then and it's still gross now.
  4. I think it's funny but maybe I'm home of phobic.
  5. I think everyone could smell how fake the relationship was and how calculated it all was for their careers even down to the timing of this break up. I also think speculating on someone’s sexuality is ultimately harmful to queer people. I also think Camila is a nasty racist who needs to gtfo and that Shawn seems to try to use his platform better even if I still think he’s not taken full accountability for past racist actions (but that’s a big can of worms and one I’m not gonna claim any authority on as a white person). All of this to say, I’ll happily laugh with some memes but we should be careful not to spread ones rooted in homophobia
  6. If they had an ounce of chemistry I don't think people would be speculating about his sexuality so much. The whole thing was so forced. I'm sure if he was in a contract with someone other than the racist it might not have been so obvious it was fake once there was some chemistry there. And that goes for any pairing regardless of sexuality, if there's no chemistry it's going to come across poorly.
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  7. This video is the only good thing Lana has produced since NFR. I knew this split would bring out the best in all of us!
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  8. This is... blatantly false and the video is also taken out of context dd.
  9. I choose to pretend I don't know this.
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  10. All of the “contract’s up” jokes are lacking humor, which I find important in a joke, and also overlook the fact that maybe they’re both as awful as one another and that’s why they were together.
  11. I don’t wish anybody anything bad in principle but their Instastories (each in a different font)…. you just have to laugh.
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  12. Or maybe humour is subjective. Some might say it's this post that lacks humour. Makes you think!
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  13. FFFFFFF I forgot about this video. Incredible.

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  14. This!
    Some of the messages online (and here) are very creepy. People can fantasize about his sexuality (and believe me, I’ve done that with Shawn!) but they should keep it to their bedroom. Straight or gay, we shouldn’t pressure someone for their sexuality, it is gross and unsollicited.
    Oh, and jokes about someone’s sexuality are just not funny.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    If any thread on here deserved the obligatory 'this thread is weird' post, it's any Shawn Mendes related one.
  16. The more you watch this the longer his arms get.
  17. I 100% support this message, but it also reads very much as “just wait for him to tell us he’s gay!”. He has said he’s straight. Maybe he has figured himself out and he likes girls.
  18. New single out tomorrow. It's called "It’ll Be Okay" and is out tomorrow 12/1 7pm EST-

  19. Here we go, perched for the ensuing mess.
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