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Shawn Mendes - "When You're Gone" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by -Jay-, Aug 7, 2021.

  1. Wow... for his management to allow him to cancel 80 shows, some difficult things must be going on. I had a feeling that, if he's struggling so bad with his mental health, 3 weeks away wouldn't be enough for him to feel secure enough to take on such a long tour.
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    “You’ve got x days to get back in shape” (but no pressure!!1!) in general doesn’t really work with mental issues, does it?
    Does seem like he’s having a tough time but I try to think of this statement as a positive when comparing it to probably countless scenarios where an artist in a similar state just ‘kept pushing through’
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  3. I remember reading this "blind item" months ago about this big name being forced to go on tour by his management... i don't really pay too much attention to gossip in general, but ever since Shawn's first postponement, I keep wondering if that's him (if factual).
  4. I just hope that he isn't hurting too much from the cancellation and after the initial hideousness for him today that he will start to feel relief. I very much get the feeling that he might end up being more of a recording artist than a touring act. Just hope he feels better soon.
  5. Bless him I hope he gets the rest and help he needs. Definitely not a quick fix sorta thing when it comes to mental health matters. I hope for his sake the break he takes comes with changed behaviour of the people around him who will hopefully position Shawn’s wellbeing over treating him like a cash cow.
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  6. I just keep thinking of the one scene in the Wonder documentary where he went home and finally seems happy. I really hope he gets the chance to be a person first for a little bit, fuck whatever the labels or charts say. I know he’s said and down stupid things but as he has matured he’s shown himself to be a positive force in music and the culture and I hope he gives himself the time he needs to focus on the positives and rebalance himself.
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  7. It's interesting because I feel like a lot of his 'brand' and 'image' is this young Bruce Springsteen styling, especially when it comes to touring. And so, well, that is definitely incompatible now. Regardless, I hope he's well.
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  8. Loving this content.

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  9. Hello.
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  10. When You’re Gone has gotten better with each listen and deserved to smash, along with his best.

  11. Top of the World
    Take A Look at Us Now [with Javier Bardem]
    Rip Up the Recipe [with Constance Wu]
    Take a Look at Us Now (Reprise) [with Javier Bardem]
    Take a Look at Us Now (Lyle Reprise)
    Take a Look at Us Now (Finale)

    Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is an upcoming American live-action/animated musical comedy film directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon from a screenplay by William Davies. It is an adaptation of the children's story of the same name and its prequel The House on East 88th Street by Bernard Waber. The film stars Shawn Mendes as the titular character alongside Javier Bardem, Constance Wu, Winslow Fegley, Scoot McNairy, and Brett Gelman. It is scheduled to be released in the United States on October 7, 2022, by Columbia Pictures via Sony Pictures Releasing.
  12. 'Heartbeat' is brilliant.
  13. This album feels like it will be a mop up of songs that were not good enough to make the last two albums, and the movie looks diabolical… but I really do find myself rooting for him?
  14. Pretty white men get all the accolades.
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  15. Good for her
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