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Shawn Mendes - Wonder

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Madaboutmusic, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Everything about this era is a misfire. I don't hate Wonder and Monster would be fine without Justin stinking up the place but this Lohanthony-goes-Christian aesthetic and "Camila Cabello saved my life!" narrative isn't working. He's too boring to sell this kind of thing.

    His last few albums had a great collection of songs buried in them so I'm sure I'll find something to latch on to.
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  3. I was gonna say "watered down Viva La Vida" but omg
  4. Even as a long term stan, even I am struggling to connect with this era. Wonder is pleasant enough but it’s far from his strongest lead single. Monster is just a non-event and you can clearly see that his label was hoping a Shawn x Justin collab would simply storm into the charts at #1 around the world, but they didn’t consider that Justin doesn’t quite have the same magic touch as he used to and the song couldn’t save the collab either.

    The constant Camila referencing is EXHAUSTING.

    Having said all that, I am looking forward to the album and seeing if there are any hidden gems, but I hope Shawn and his team realise what’s going wrong this time and we move on from this era relatively quickly.
  5. This is mean spirited, but I genuinely hope this era is a bomb for him. As a casual listener of his, who thoroughly enjoys songs like There's Nothing Holding Me Back, Lost In Japan, In My Blood, Nervous - it's clear he can make strong pop songs when he wants to.

    As a fan, I would feel insulted that he + his team thinks he needs a documentary (to show what exactly? Pay me to sit through that), to keep shoving Shawnmila down our throats, to release a cheap/cringeworthy single with Justin Bieber about how hard being famous is, to grow out his hair... All of it has just been... not it. Everything he's doing right now feels like taking confident steps in the wrong direction. Focus on making good music because the rest... contrary to the new album's artwork, Shawn just does not have the depth.

    Let's hope there'll still be 3 songs for me to bop to here, because so far...
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  6. Promo for this campaign has been really weird

  7. I’m watching the documentary, I kind of agree with all what’s been said.
    Some points;
    -It does try quite hard in every aspect of making him appear a lot deeper than he may actually be at his age.
    -I’m quite new to Shawn as a person, didn’t realise his mum was British and I loved it.
    -He’s a fantastic singer, “I wanna dance with somebody” sent me a little bit.
    -Him and Camilla do absolutely nothing for me. She seems a lot more aware in front of the camera and she kept trying to make ‘cute’ moments.
    -As mentioned, him in the shower could be and should be classed as essential viewing.
    -In My Blood is his best song.
  8. Completely agree. I actually like Shawn. And he's a solid singer and quite a decent musician. He has the ability to write and put out good songs. He's usually pretty charming and fun. But he's been so obnoxiously vanilla this era. His association with C*mila is appalling. A wacked out bullshit duet with Justin whining about being held accountable and being a celebrity is so tone deaf. I'm praying there will be some gems on the album. It's not looking great.
  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It was kind of a scream at his eyes going all the way wide whenever Camila was trying to do something in front of the camera.

    I'll be listening to the album since it seems like he tried to expand his soundscape, but he's still a pretty generic songwriter.
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  10. Debuted at #8, which I think is an underperformance for them. Could still have longevity, though.
  11. Let’s hope not
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Despite the many warnings, we watched the documentary last night and I have to say it turned me from being a casual fan of Shawn’s to actively disliking him. I couldn’t even watch the scenes with Camila. Her cloying Disney princess act doesn’t come close to covering the putrid racist evil seeping out of her. Then Shawn just seems wildly out of touch which works against his whole schtick of being a small town boy discovered on vine. There’s really no redeeming aspect of the special and just puts the nail in the coffin of this era before the albums even out
  14. It probs sounds shitty, but I honestly blame Camilla for making him so blah and unlikable this era.
    She is such an irritant and by constantly pushing her down everyone’s throats that has just rubbed off on him.
    The singles have been sub-par too and as an ex-casual fan, I’m also now in the camp of almost disliking him.
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  15. Put money where your mouth is, as I like to do!

    No streaming, no buying, no downloads! Simple.
    And enjoy listening to other artist!
  16. Also I don't think I had ever seen this video but boy does it reek of that same stench:
  17. A couple thoughts:

    It sounds like he said "I apologized for everything" not "I apologize for everything" meaning, he has addressed this in the past. I don't have the receipts, but I believe he did address this situation at some point.

    Regardless. Do I think Shawn Mendes is a racist? No, not really. Do I think that deep down in his heart of hearts he feels the way 14 year old social media Mendes (or 14 year old friends of social media Mendes dddd) tweeted? No, not really. Do I think is relationship to Camila helps his cause? Absolutely not. But that type of response reeks of two things, 1) major white privilege, and 2) A complete lack of awareness in these times that a nonchalant "I was young and dumb" response isn't really enough. If he reallllly cared, he would do better than that kind of response. (Or a notes app apology or whatever).

    That response was probably prompted because he was caught off guard and put on the spot and wasn't really prepared. But I do think that that opportunity, being asked that question by a genuine stan of his, not a reporter or someone trying to catch him with his pants down, was the perfect opportunity to really say something. To really address it. And he didn't. Which is a bit of a shame.
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  18. The way I genuinely forgot this was coming out tonight until I saw this review.
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